What to Expect

Our peer learning consultants provide subject-specific tutoring and personalized study skills support, clarifying course content, modeling problem-solving strategies, and helping clients build effective and efficient reading, note-taking, study, and test-taking skills. Your session will start off with a conversation about your class, what you feel confident about, and what questions and concerns you have, and then you and your tutor will make a plan for how to tackle those questions and concerns. You and your tutor might, for example…

  • Review class notes and create flashcards or a practice test
  • Complete and discuss practice problems
  • Talk through course concepts and come up with real-world examples
  • Explore different methods of studying (ex. creating visual mind-maps or diagrams)
  • Examine your academic habits (time management, organization) and come up with a study plan

*Tutoring is a supplemental resource, not a replacement for classroom attendance and keeping up with homework. Our goal is that a client leaves the Tutoring & Learning Center with not only a stronger understanding of class concepts but also with a stronger understanding of the learning process and how to succeed academically in college.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Appointment

  • Give yourself an edge by giving yourself time: don’t wait until the last minute to sign up for tutoring!
    • If you are preparing for a test, schedule your meeting with your tutor a few days ahead of exam day, so you can follow up with your tutor or professor on any remaining questions.
  • Get specific on your appointment form! Instead of noting that you would like to “review chapter three,” share the specific concepts from that chapter, so your tutor can prepare for your session.
  • Bring your textbook and notes! Consider bringing your laptop if your professor puts many resources on Canvas.
  • A tutoring session is a conversation between you and your tutor, so come prepared with questions or topics you’d like to review (ex. “How do I know when to use this equation and not this one?” or “I want to make sure I know the muscles and skeleton like the back of my hand before this exam.”).

How to Schedule an Appointment

  • Go to mywco.com/Marietta
  • Register for an account using your MC email
  • Log in and use the “Limit to:” dropdown list to see only schedules of peer consultants tutoring your subject
  • Scroll down and review available times for tutoring (white slots are available, blue slots are taken, and dark blue slots are not available)
  • Click on a white time slot and complete the appointment form
  • Meet with your tutor in person (Bartlett 370) or online (Zoom link provided by tutor)!