MC celebrates academic excellence at 2022 All Scholars Day

Students in a science lab

From research posters to original works of art, the 2022 All Scholars Day will highlight the talent and dedication to research of more than 180 students — and for the first time in two years, all events will be in-person.

The all-day event begins at 8:00 a.m., Thursday, April 14th, with Biology and Health Science oral presentations in Bartlett. In addition to oral presentations, students will also have poster presentations, art exhibits and concerts.

“Over 180 students, and over 40 faculty and staff mentors for projects are included this year,” said McCoy Associate Professor of Biochemistry Dr. Suzanne Parsons, who is the Director of the Investigative Studies Program. “When you think about the number of students being a part of All Scholars Day and the number of students we have on campus, this is huge.”

Parsons said student participation in presentations has been growing over the years.

“I feel like, a few years ago, some freshmen and sophomores would say to me, ‘Oh, I’m not a senior so All Scholars Day is not for me.’ Somehow, the connection was made that this was only for seniors and capstone projects,” she said.

Parsons believes that the two-year switch to virtual during COVID-19 allowed for the program to go through a slight rebrand to show it is open to all students — whether they have a special project to share or they simply want to learn from other students who are highlighting their work.

“Now, when students ask me about All Scholars Day, they’re like, ‘That sounds pretty cool. Count me in.’ ”

During the day, students will present poster and oral presentations regarding their individual and team research, internships, and professional conferences, plus showcase their artistic talents and give live musical performances. The Physics Makerspace in Rickey 104 will be open for guests to see student projects and create something on one of the College’s 3D printers. Student events will take place in Dyson Baudo Recreation Center, Hermann Fine Arts Center, Alma McDonough Auditorium, The Gathering Place, Friederich Theater, Sports Medicine classroom, and various classrooms in Rickey, Brown and Thomas.

“The students would love to answer questions about their projects, so I encourage all students, faculty and staff to spend time walking around and talking to students,” Parsons said. “Anyone who attends will get a wooden nickel that says, ‘All Scholars Day,’ and they’ll be able to go to the prize booth in the DBRC.”