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Sara Rosenstock holding an item created with a 3-D laser printer

At the start of the fall semester, McCoy Professor of Graphic Design Sara Rosenstock learned that she made the cut as a Glowforge Education Ambassador, a program that highlights educators across the country that transform teaching and learning for their students. Glowforge is a 3-D laser printer that cuts, engraves, and scores a variety of materials.

As part of being an ambassador, Rosenstock will participate in webinars, case studies, and white paper opportunities with the Glowforge Education Team, network with fellow Ambassadors, and share their Glowforge stories on social media. She will have access to curated workshops and other events that will enhance her teaching. Another perk is that she and the other 20 Ambassadors receive Glowforge Welcome Packages. Rosenstock received a free Glowforge laser cutter for her personal use.

Rosenstock first learned about the new program after receiving an email from Glowforge.

“I did not realize how intensive the application was, and it required me to make an introductory video and a lesson plan in a short period of time,” Rosenstock said. “I figured — what is the risk? I had fun creating the materials under such pressure.”

Her first experience with Glowforge came at Marietta College when she was involved in the planning of the Deem Design Center and was researching laser printers. Rosenstock is the Director of that center.

“Laser cutters are so valuable because they can cut and engrave materials from chocolate to wood and acrylic — it is very versatile. I researched the capabilities of many different machines and was looking for something that would be self-contained (no open laser beams/smoke) and easy to train anyone to use. The Glowforge Pro ended up being the perfect choice. We are able to use it to build prototypes and engrave existing products. We can also easily show visitors the technology by using the ‘Trace’ feature and having them make a drawing and use the machine camera to etch and cut the drawing into a material right in front of them — like magic!”

The Deem Design Center was completed last year. The makerspace is located on the third floor of the Hermann Fine Arts Center and provides student access to specialty equipment — including a Glowforge laser printer, as well as a large format printer, and specialty binding equipment.

Rosenstock is excited to be among the first Glowforge Education Ambassadors and looks forward to learning more about its capabilities from fellow Ambassadors who have been using the equipment longer.

“I’m also excited to develop more lesson plans using the Glowforge so we can integrate the technology into our curriculum,” she said.