Don Drumm Stadium shines bright

Photo of Don Drumm Stadium lighting being installed

There is definitely something special about watching a game under the lights.

Especially when they’re new LEDs.

Marietta College is upgrading the lighting at Don Drumm Stadium to Musco Sports Lighting LED fixtures, which will increase the field lighting by 40 percent. The lights will be similar to the ones at Marietta Field, where the soccer and women’s lacrosse programs play. The installation is expected to be complete by mid-July.

“These will allow for much more efficient lighting and a bulb life of at least 10 years,” said Fred Smith, Marietta College’s Physical Plant Director.

Light intensity is measured in foot-candles. While the older bulbs provided around 35 foot-candles of light, the new illuminators will create about 50, satisfying the latest NCAA standards.

The new light system will allow for higher visibility and more efficient use of the field for all the events it hosts. A major driver of the new installment was Pioneer lacrosse.

“The ball is so small and moves at a rapid pace,” Smith explained. “The new lights will really benefit lacrosse games and practices since field time is split between (football and men’s lacrosse) programs.”

Marietta College athletic teams aren’t the only groups to gain from the new lights. The College donated the existing metal halide fixtures to VFW Field near Pike Street in Marietta, proving to be a major upgrade for the baseball grounds shared by multiple youth teams.

“There were 72 games played there last year,” said Mark Duckworth ’89, Legion Baseball Scheduling Coordinator. “These will enable us to light the field for our junior high teams and really make it a first-class neighborhood ball diamond. This is just another great example of Marietta College helping the community.”