Recent College donations benefit multiple local organizations

Three men carrying chairs and tables

The good things in life become even better when they are shared with someone else.

Marietta College recently went on a donating spree as they contributed furniture, desks, beds and various items to 12 local organizations.

Hundreds of these high-quality items will stay in use after making their way to schools, camps, and local non-profit groups.

Among the benefitting parties were Caldwell Schools, St. John’s Catholic School, Habitat for Humanity, Camp Hervida, the Marietta Community Foundation and Latrobe Street Mission.

Each establishment received something different. For the Caldwell Exempted Village School District, some of the items included filing cabinets, whiteboards, chairs and tables.

“Budgetary constraints have not allowed us to purchase some of the items that Marietta College donated to Caldwell,” said Kasey Cottrill, Superintendent. “The generous donations from the College have provided more learning opportunities for our students.”

As the dressers were recently updated in the residence halls, the existing ones in near-perfect condition had to find a new home. They were divided between the local non-profits of St. Vincent de Paul, Latrobe Street Mission and Recovery Point in Parkersburg.

More than 100 single beds were also donated to Camp Hervida, providing them with a big upgrade to their lodging amenities.

“Generations of families fondly remember their camping experiences at Camp Hervida,” said Christine Cavalier, a board member of the 4-H center. “Marietta’s support will help hundreds of campers have a good night’s sleep.”

Other donated pieces were furniture from the common area of McCoy, computer desks and conference chairs, and 100 wooden panels that went to the Washington County Career Center.

In grand total, nearly 600 items were provided through these donations, which presents a win-win situation: these organizations will all be better off, and no existing items will go to waste.