McCoy Professor pleased to complete two publications

Professor Grace Johnson in winter time

Marietta College’s Grace Johnson, McCoy Professor of Management and Accounting, recently completed two publications.

The first is a textbook titled “108 Conversations: Ethical Considerations in Workplace Decision Making.” The textbook is Johnson’s fifth, by XanEdu publishing, and contains 108 mini-cases on an assortment of business ethics topics. Written during her 2017-18 academic year sabbatical, the text is dedicated to the memories of three special people who died during its writing: her step-father Steve, and Drs. Margaret Ross and John Michel, emeritus professors from Marietta College.

As Johnson’s first textbook on business ethics, she sought to create new material that would be beneficial to not only the field but also courses like the ones she currently teaches at Marietta College — Business Ethics and Business in Global Contexts.

“I’m a very big supporter of working with mini-cases,” Johnson said. “I like the ability to focus on the ethical implications of specific situations in a few pages.”

Each mini-case deals with ethical situations at every level of employment and discipline, and come with a standard set of questions along with five-to-six, case-specific questions.

In addition, the cover art for the textbook was designed by Marietta College alumna Rachel L. McKown ’17, and the book’s forward is written by former Marietta College Psychology Department Chair Dr. David Pittenger, who is currently the Dean of the Graduate College at Marshall University.

The second of Johnson’s publications is a journal article titled “Examining Cybersecurity Risk Reporting on U.S. SEC Form 10-K.” The subject material of the journal article is more of a personal interest for Johnson, and focuses on how companies self-disclose material risks, like cyber threats, to their information systems.

With a breadth of knowledge on many topics in Johnson’s fields of expertise, her most recent article is one of many.

“One of the main reasons I’ve stayed at Marietta College all these years is because of the flexibility and opportunities that have come my way,” Johnson said. “Over my 30 years I have taught honors seminars, freshman seminars, and Asian Studies courses, which is not typical at larger institutions. The ability to switch up what is in my teaching portfolio refreshes me and satisfies my need for intellectual development, and I would not have that elsewhere.”

Johnson’s article can be found in the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) Journal, Volume 4, and she has also had her work published in the American International Journal of Social Sciences and the Accounting Educator.