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Leadership Ohio flag

Leadership Ohio, which seeks to develop new leaders throughout the state, will come to Marietta College from June 21-22 — one of eight locations that participants will visit around the state in 2019.

“We are honored to be a part of Leadership Ohio’s effort to develop the next generation of leaders who will make a deep impact in Ohio,” said Dr. Gama Perruci, Dean of the McDonough Leadership Program. “Through this partnership, we are able to showcase the cutting-edge work that Marietta College is doing in the field of leadership development."

Marietta is the third of eight stops this year. The group has completed visits to Marysville and Columbus. Upcoming stops include Athens, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dayton and Lima.

Each Leadership Ohio gathering typically lasts a day and a half, composed of discussions and exercises that sharpen leadership skills. The weekends also include dialogues with influential leaders and in-depth community questions.

The choice of Marietta as a host site for Leadership Ohio shows their commitment to developing talent “from every corner of the state.”

McDonough has brought recognition to the College in the field of leadership development.

“The relationship with Marietta College represents a powerful opportunity for Leadership Ohio to expand its understanding of public, private and civic innovation,” said Dr. Lisa Duty, Leadership Ohio’s Executive Director.

Marietta’s event will be the third weekend of the program out of the eight weekends that they meet.

In order to attend a Leadership Ohio experience, individuals must first be nominated. Then they are invited to apply, and a select number of applicants are accepted into each class.

The class members then attend each of the eight leadership experience weekends that are held throughout the year.

Leadership Ohio has trained and educated many throughout its history, building a long list of success stories. Program alumni have gone on to assume elected office, launch new initiatives and organizations, champion critical issues and serve on key boards and commissions.

According to its mission statement, “Ohio must develop and inspire its most capable people to increasingly elevated positions of leadership in service that takes many forms.”

Past Leadership Ohio members speak highly of their experience.

“I was a member of an early Leadership Ohio class and then served on the board for a few years,” said Hope Taft, Ohio’s First Lady from 1999 to 2007. “Anyone interested in being a leader in their field or community should become a Leadership Ohio alum.”

Nominations for this year’s class are closed, but Leadership Ohio will continue to build into young leaders from across the state in years to come.

For more information or questions about Leadership Ohio, contact Perruci or visit the Leadership Ohio website.