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Alison Loase speaking at graduation

Marietta College welcomed 41 students into the ranks of its newest alumni at its Fall Graduation on Sunday, December 10, at the Alma McDonough Center.

The new members of The Long Blue Line encompass students from eight states — Indiana, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas and West Virginia — and the United Kingdom. Undergraduate degrees were awarded to students across 23 fields of study.

Marietta’s graduates heard remarks from President Margaret L. Drugovich and Provost Kathleen Dougherty.

“An education impacts us in a way that is unique to who we are. There is no going back, no turning away, because learning changes us,” Dr. Drugovich said. “Just as something seen cannot be unseen, so something known cannot then be unknown.”

The President also said she hopes each graduate will reflect on what made their Marietta experience so special.

“I hope that you will remember this as a time of challenge and change and personal growth and satisfaction. I hope that you will think of this time with a fondness for those members of our campus community — your faculty, your coaches, your counselors, your mentors — who cheered you on and cheered you up, just when you needed it most,” she said. “I hope that you will miss the comfort of this place and these people, and that the memory of them will remind you that you always have a home, here, at Marietta College.”

Dr. Dougherty shared that 15 of the graduates changed their major at least once during their time on campus. Five changed their major twice, two changed it three times and one graduate changed their major four times.

“You have, hopefully, unearthed unknown talents and strengths,” Dougherty said. “The experiences and opportunities that you have had have become a chance to test out, not only what you want to become but also an opportunity to test out your future selves. But it’s also not just about you, but also managing other people’s expectations. You came to college not only with your own hopes and dreams, but those of your family as well.”

The Provost concluded her remarks by saying, “I can assure you, you are smart enough, and you are ready. There will still be a lot to learn, but you’ve learned here to navigate challenges, and to take advantage of new opportunities. That’s what will be most important to you as you leave Marietta. We hope you will value the relationships — the friends, the mentors, the coaches — but most importantly, we hope you will value your capacity to think of every challenge as an opportunity to reimagine your story, what you are capable of, and how you can contribute productively. Though the path will most surely not go exactly as you envision, the journey will be worth it. Be willing to adjust your narrative. The world desperately needs your gifts and talents; however, they will shape your story.”

The graduates were also given the opportunity to share their thoughts after receiving their diplomas from Dr. Drugovich. While a few declined, most of them thanked family and friends, as well as their favorite faculty members.

Loren Henthorne ’23 (Marietta, Ohio) embraced the moment to thank her son.

“You make me want to be a better person every day and I did this for you,” she said.

Earlier in the morning, the graduates were joined by family, friends and faculty for The Long Blue Line Brunch at The Gathering Place.