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Michael Morgan headshot

Marietta College’s Dr. Michael Morgan, McCoy Professor of Political Science, recently co-authored the book “Talking Tough in U.S. Foreign Policy,” examining presidential rhetoric and the use of emergency powers.

Released in late August, the book was co-written with Purdue University Northwest Associate Professor Yu Ouyang. It offers an in-depth analysis of how U.S. presidents have utilized national emergency declarations throughout history.

Using text analytics, the authors assess factors influencing presidential language and executive authority in foreign policy decisions. Their research traces evolving patterns in White House crisis response and communications over time. 

“We wanted to understand how national emergency declarations contribute to U.S. foreign policy, as well as, how presidents frame these actions to interested audiences,” explained Dr. Morgan. The project was sparked by recent events like the Trump border wall controversy.

While crossing international and domestic politics, the book provides valuable insights for scholars and students. General readers will also appreciate the unique approach to studying presidential rhetoric.

Dr. Morgan called co-authoring his first book a beneficial learning experience. He hopes to publish additional collaborative works in the future. 

Learn more about “Talking Tough in U.S. Foreign Policy” and how to purchase the book on Amazon.