Athletic Training majors can expect to pay fees above and beyond normal college fees. These fees are attached to specific courses in the major. (SPTM 202, 211, 212, 307,311, 312, and 401). These fees will total around $400.00. Students can expect to receive athletic training equipment such as BP cuffs, stethoscopes, scissors, goniometers, etc. in many of the classes. The largest lab fee is $100.00 to help in the purchase of cadavers in SPTM 401 Advanced Anatomy.

Upon gaining entrance into the Athletic Training program, students can expect to be assigned to an off-campus site at some point during their clinical education. Students are responsible for providing their own transportation to these sites, as well as paying for the expense to travel to these off-campus sites. The Athletic Training program works with the Memorial Health System to place Athletic Training students with clinical sites. Memorial Health System requires a criminal background check and drug test. Students are responsible for the cost of the background check and drug test (approximately $125.00). See the Program Director for details.

Students will also be given the opportunity to purchase clothing items such as polo's, jackets, hats that have professional Marietta College Athletic Training logo embroidered on these items. The cost of these will vary from $10.00 for a polo to $50.00 for the jackets.