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The Department of Business & Economics internship program is designed to enrich the educational experience of students by placing them into a business environment. This environment provides practical experience in the student's field of interest along with an opportunity to observe and apply concepts learned in the classroom.

Internships should be applied for, and secured, by students. Some companies will post internships through the Marietta College Career Center, and others do not. Students can apply for internships that are not on the Career Center's job board.

Once the internship is secured, the student MUST receive approval BEFORE starting the internship. 

Students seeking academic credit for their internships should follow these steps:

  1. Business and Economics students seeking internship credit have unique assignments to complete. Review the internship guidelines and requirements for the B&E Department assignments here. After the student reviews the guidelines and requirements, if there are questions, contact Professor Rick Smith.
  2. After reviewing the requirements, students now need to seek approval of the internship for academic credit before starting the internship.  First, contact your internship site and ask them for an offer letter or email stating what your position is and that they are offering you the position. 
  3. ACTION ITEM: Next, the student seeks approval through the internal Marietta College approval process for the internship. To gain approval, the student should have the internship job description, document that contains the student's academic goals and objectives as they relate to the internship, and the internship registration form filled out, and email it to Professor Smith to begin the approval process. 
  4. After Professor Rick Smith does an initial review, it then goes to the B&E Department Chair and the Registrar for final approval. Once all parties approve the internship request, the internship class is placed on the student's schedule. Tuition and fees apply.

When filling out the forms, some common questions and answers are:

  • How many hours of work are required? 120 hours of work for 3 credit hours of academic credit. Although you may work more than 120 hours, only 120 hours will be accepted as an answer. If you are doing a 2-credit-hour internship, at least 80 hours are to be completed; 1-credit-hour internship, at least 40 hours of work is to be completed. This goes in the "total hours" section.
  • How many credit hours do I put down? For programs like sport management, land, and energy management, accounting, and finance, a requirement of 3-credit hours is equal to one internship. Please review your degree plan and see what is required. 
  • Grading Type = S/U
  • Who is my faculty advisor? Internship supervisor? etc. Your internship supervisor is your on-site boss. The faculty supervisor for the internship is Rick Smith, and he signs the paperwork via email (do not type his name into the form).
  • What are the course prefix and course number? The course prefix is what academic course you are seeking credit for, such as sport management (SMGT), accounting (ACCT), finance (FIN), marketing (MKTG), management (MNGT), land and energy management (LEMG), etc. The course number reflects the level of work your internship is AND the requirement of your degree plan (if applicable). For example, if a land and energy management student needs course LEMG 497 as an academic requirement, the internship should reflect senior-level work (which is the 4 in 497). If you do not need an internship as a requirement and are doing it as an elective, then identify what the appropriate level of work is, i.e., 197 = freshman-level work; 297 = sophomore-level work; 397 = junior-level work; 497 = senior-level work.
  • What is the reflection and assessment portion? For B&E majors, your reflection component is "Other: B&E Portfolio."
  • The internship is a class that has tuition and fees associated with it. Once the internship is approved through Marietta College, you will automatically be registered for the course.

For more information on internships and other career services, please visit the Marietta College Career Center.
For further information contact the B&E Department Internship Director:

Prof. Rick Smith,