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List of Marietta College Board of Trustees Approved Program Changes

October 20, 2023


1. The Board approved the discontinuation of the following programs:

  • Major (BA) and Minor in Asian Studies
  • Major (BS) and Minor in Environmental Engineering
  • Major (BA) in Global Leadership
  • Major (BA) and Minor in Land and Energy Management
  • Master of Athletic Training
  • Major (BM) in Music Education
  • Major (BM) in Music Therapy
  • Major (BM) in Vocal Performance and Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy

2. The Board approved the suspension of the following programs:

  • Major (BA) and Minor in Spanish
  • English as a Second Language and Linguistics courses and the associated TEFL Certificate

3. The Board approved the following curricular change and/or review, which will be led by the Provost in collaboration with the faculty:

  • The Environmental Science and Environmental Studies programs will be reconstituted as one interdisciplinary program, drawing on strengths from throughout the campus and housed in the Center for Earth, Energy, and Environment.
  • The Entrepreneurship curriculum will be modified to be more cost effective.
  • The Sports Medicine program will be revised with the expectation of achieving higher retention and persistence rates, ultimately becoming a program such as Exercise Science.
  • The Accounting and Public Accounting majors will undergo a thorough analysis to identify what steps can be taken to improve student enrollments.
  • The Economics major will undergo further study to determine what changes, if any, should be made. 
  • The General Education curriculum, including the Pio Path, will be updated and revised to better serve students and to make more efficient use of campus resources.