Which meal plan should I choose?

All meal plans are good choices; however, the Freedom 19 Meal Plan and the $35 Dining Dollars enable you to have the best value. The Freedom 19 Meal Plan also decreases any burden on students’ daily schedules and concerns of “running out of meals”, which really allows them to focus solely on adjusting to the stringent academic requirements of their courses while adjusting to living away from home. The Freedom 19 Meal Plan assures parents that every meal will be available to their son or daughter. This also gives the administration of Marietta College the ability to track meal usage and eating habits should any questions or concerns arise about the student’s wellness.

May I carry out food from 5th Street Dining in Gilman Hall?

Yes, you may have one meal to-go at each meal period. To-go containers are located at the cashier area. For an environmentally friendly option, we offer a Green To-Go program featuring reusable containers. There is no charge to enroll in the program and containers can be returned at your convenience to any dining location.  Students who choose to eat their meal in the Main Dining Room, may not take food to-go during the same meal. 

May I bring a friend to the dining room as a guest?

Yes, you may use your Dining Dollars to pay for your guest at any time.

Can I add more Dining Dollars to my plan during the semester?

Yes, you can add more dollars to your plan in $25 increments. Dining Dollars added to your meal plan expire at the end of the school year.

I have special dietary needs, what can I eat in the Dining Hall?

We pride ourselves in meeting the needs of a diverse student population.  We provide a special allergen-free zone in Gilman Dining Hall and serve vegetarian and vegan options at all meals.  If you have any questions, ask your server or for a personalized discussion, feel free to stop by our Dining Services offices and we can ensure your needs are being met.