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Resources for Planning

Ohio Academic content standards

Ohio Extended learning standards

  • Ohio Extended Learning Standards-English/Language Arts
  • Ohio Extended Learning Standards-Math
  • Ohio Extended Learning Standards-Science
  • Ohio Extended Learning Standards-Social Studies

Ohio Model Curriculum

The Ohio Model Curriculum provides a detailed scope and sequence for all courses in the major content areas. These were developed by groups of stakeholders, including practicing teachers, based on the most current version of the academic content standards. There are Content Elaborations, which contains information and illustrations for the teacher designed to clarify, support, and extend understanding of the learning standards. Secondly, there are Progression Statements that provide educators with a general description of the knowledge and skills students learned prior to that grade level/band and the knowledge and skills students are expected to learn in the next grade level/band An Instructional Supports section is included with the model curriculum. These supports contain Instructional Strategies, including examples and Instructional Tools/Resources and were created and compiled by the Ohio educators who updated the Model Curriculum. Disciplines vary in terms of other resources in their Model Curriculum.

Other planning resources

Ohio Social-Emotional Learning Standards
21st Century Standards (including the 4Cs and exemplars at various grade levels)
High Leverage Practices in Special Education -Includes PDF of the book as well as videos illustrating the HLPs
Backward Design Unit Planning Template