In the event of a campus-wide emergency, students, faculty and staff will be notified about the nature of the emergency and what they should do via the following methods:

  1. A broadcast message will be sent to all phone numbers on record (campus phone and cell phones)
  2. An email alert will be sent directly to all individual email accounts
  3. The Campus Announcements system will post up-to-the-minute details about any changes in the emergency
  4. In some cases, the home page of the college website will be changed to publicize the emergency

Additionally, Marietta College offers safety and security education and awareness programs throughout the year. Information on these programs is distributed to the College community through campus announcements, flyers, bulletins, crime alerts, posters, brochures, the student news media, and employee newsletters. Programs include sexual assault awareness, alcohol abuse, personal safety, vehicle safety, fire safety, and preventing crime on campus.