Submission Instructions

When you hit the button below, your submission will be recorded and you will automatically be taken to a website to upload your submission documents. These documents include:

1. Resume (PDF)
2. Work ID Sheet (Identifies the Digital file name, Title of artwork, Medium and Dimensions for each piece submitted)
3. Portfolio Images (Name digital files with your Last Name, First Initial and File Number: “LastFirst_01.jpg”)
    self-portrait (use a mirror, not a photo)—using charcoal or pencil
    an interior—using charcoal or pencil
    a landscape—using charcoal or pencil
    8-10 additional pieces of artwork, including drawings, paintings, photographs, designs, and/or three-dimensional work.

For more information on this upload, see the Fine Art Scholarship Page (link will open in new window).


On the upload page, you will need to put '' in the "Email To" field, and place the same Email you put above in the 'Email From.' Then you can drag your files into the window, or click on "Add your files." You can add up to 20GB in any file format, but any folders will need to be zipped. It is not necessary to zip files if you are attaching files that are not in folders.

You will receive a separate email from that confirms when the upload is complete and when we download your submission documents. If you do not receive either of those confirmation emails, please email for help.