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The Art Department is pleased to offer talented incoming Marietta College students a Talent Scholarship of an annual award of up to $5,000 ($20,000 over four years) toward Marietta College tuition. Once accepted to Marietta College, the student continues to receive the award money each year as long as they declare a major, minor, or certificate within the department.

Due Dates

  • Digital Portfolio is due by November 30th* to be eligible for the top scholarship of $5,000
  • Digital Portfolio is due by February 28th* to be eligible for a scholarship of $3,500

*Scholarship portfolios should be submitted at the same time as applications for college acceptance.  
Applications submitted after March 1st may be accepted, depending on different factors. Contact us for more information.

Art Talent Scholarship Application Requirements

Prepare files with ALL of the images and information listed below. Each portfolio piece must be documented with a high-quality photograph or digital file saved in the “High Quality” jpeg format. Name all files with your last name, first initial, and file number in the format “LastFirst_01.jpg”.

  • Resume

  • Digital Portfolio

    • o Using only pencil or charcoal, create the following drawings:
      • a landscape
      • an interior
      • self-portrait (use a mirror, not a photo)
    • Create 8-10 additional pieces of artwork including drawings, paintings, photographs, designs, and/or three-dimensional work
  • Work ID Sheet

    • Your name
    • Your mailing address
    • Your email address
    • Which program you are interested in (more than one is acceptable)
      • Studio Art
      • Digital Art
      • Graphic Design
    • A list of all your portfolio pieces (ID), with the following included for each piece
      • Digital File Name
      • Artwork Title
      • Medium
      • Dimensions  

Art Talent Scholarship Application Submission

Collect all of your application materials (digital portfolio, work ID sheet, and resume) and save them using the required naming format (“LastFirst_01.jpg”).

Upload Digital Files to this folder.



Have a question about the scholarship process or our Art and Graphic Design programs? Use our department's contact form.