The Marietta College Art Department provides opportunities to prepare students for lifelong learning in the professional fields of graphic design, museum and gallery work, illustration, art therapy, as well as graduate school. Students also learn problem-solving skills for many contemporary career choices outside of art and design.

The Marietta College Art Department offers a merit-based scholarship for outstanding, incoming freshman applying to the Studio Art and Graphic Design programs. The scholarship amount is variable, from $500 to $3500 annually, and is selected from personal interviews consisting of a portfolio review and an on-site practical demonstration.

Portfolios will be initially submitted digitally for review. Selected applicants for Studio Art and Graphic Design will be invited for a personal interview and drawing session to take place during February.

Scholarship Application Requirements

  1. Digital Portfolio (Files)
  2. Work ID Sheet
  3. Resume

Steps to apply

  1. Compile all required materials (Digital Portfolio Work ID Sheet and Resume)
  2. Complete the Application form
  3. You will be provided a link to upload all of your application materials to this folder.


Digital Portfolio

Your Digital Portfolio must include images of the following items: 

  1. Using only pencil or charcoal, create the following drawings:
    • a landscape
    • an interior
    • self-portrait (use a mirror, not a photo)
  2. Submit 8-10 additional pieces of artwork, including drawings,  paintings, photographs, designs,  and/or three-dimensional work.
Digital Files

Each portfolio piece must be documented with a high-quality photograph or digital file.

  • Save files in the “High Quality” jpeg format.
  • Name digital files with your Last Name, First Initial and File Number: (“LastFirst_01.jpg”).


Work ID Sheet

  1. Create a document with your name at the top of the page. 
  2. Make a list of all the portfolio pieces (ID).
  3. The ID must include the following for each portfolio piece: Digital File Name, Title of the Artwork, Medium and Dimensions.


Please contact us for more information:
Sara Alway-Rosenstock at