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The Curriculum Honors Program

Curriculum Honors is designed for students seeking an intellectual challenge and who also desire the benefits of a social and cultural experience during their college career.

The Honors Program has three main missions. The first is to encourage students to do an independent project where they work one on one with a faculty member before they graduate. We feel this is a great way to bridge the experience you have in the classroom with what you will end up doing in your career or if you go on to a graduate program.

The second goal of the Honors Program is to develop a learning community among the students in the program. Here, honors students will not only take similar challenging courses together but also live on a designated floor reserved only for honors and leadership students. A good way to make life-long friends.

The third and final mission is to engage in cultural experiences. About once a month during the academic year, a cultural event is organized for students in the program. Most of these events involve going to plays, musical performances, movies, and historical sites in the local area. There is also a trip every fall to New York City, Washington DC, or Nashville. These events are little to no cost to the student.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Curriculum Honors community at Marietta College, fill out the application here.

  • Incoming freshmen, by application: Incoming freshmen with at least a 3.500 high school GPA and 1280 SAT or 27 ACT are invited to apply on a competitive basis for admission to the Curriculum Honors Program
  • Current Marietta College freshmen, by application: Marietta College freshmen who will enter the sophomore year with fewer than 37 credit hours and a 3.500 or better overall GPA are eligible to apply in the spring semester prior to their sophomore year. Application is made to the Honors Program Director.
  • Incoming transfer students, by invitation or application: Transfer students entering Marietta College with fewer than 37 credit hours may be eligible under (1) or (2) above. Inquire to the Admissions Office or the Honors Program Director.
Program Requirements
  • The course work of the Curriculum Honors Program consists of the following 15 hours taken over a two-year period, all counting towards completion of the college’s general education requirements:
    • First semester: Honors College Experience Seminar (an honors section of PIO 101) and either Honors Literature (HONR 111) or Honors Communication (HONR 212). (6 credits)
    • Second semester: HONR 111 or HONR 212. (3 credits)
    • After completion of the first year: Two honors-designated courses (honors sections of 200-300 level courses enhanced to provide students with research skills). An honors fellowship (HONR 295) may substitute for one of these two courses. Honors fellowships are applied for through the Honors and Investigative Studies Committee and are intended to support creative or research projects conducted with a faculty mentor. (6 credits)
  • To complete the Curriculum Honors Program, students must maintain an overall GPA of 3.30 (3.00 for first year freshmen only). Students whose GPA falls below these levels may request readmission to the Curriculum Honors Program when their GPA returns above 3.30.
A Marietta College graduate walks in the post-commencement ceremony procession
A Marietta College student presents during Experiential Education Day

The Research Honors Program

The Research Honors Program allows any senior with a GPA of 3.300 in the discipline and a 3.300 overall to do advanced work under the close guidance of a member of the faculty, typically in the student’s major or minor. Such students present a senior thesis to a thesis committee that includes the thesis director, a member of the Honors and Investigative Studies Committee, and a third (optional) faculty member of the student’s choosing. With this committee’s final approval of the thesis, the student is awarded Honors in a Discipline.

  • An overall cumulative GPA of 3.30 and a cumulative GPA in the discipline of 3.30 is required at the time of the proposal to the thesis committee.
  • The student must have a thesis director in the field of study in which the thesis work is to be done. The thesis director must, of course, be willing to support the student’s proposal.
Program Requirements
  • The senior thesis proposal is typically submitted by the student 1-2 semesters prior to the semester in which they will graduate. The proposal must be approved by the student’s thesis committee (see above).
  • During their final semester, students must register for 1 to 3 credit hours of honors coursework in the department in which they are pursuing their thesis work (“DEPT” 493). Upon completion of the senior thesis, it must be approved by the student’s thesis committee.
  • An overall cumulative GPA of 3.30 and a cumulative GPA in the discipline of 3.30 is required at graduation.
  • Approved theses are archived and made available on-line through OhioLink.