If you discover or are advised by Pioneer Alert or by law enforcement that there is a violent or potentially violent person in your area, take the following steps while keeping A.L.i.C.E principles in mind (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate), along with Run, Hide, Fight

First and foremost, do not confront the person unless there is no other option to save your life.

Follow the 5 OUTS:

  1. Get OUT:
    • Get out of the facility if it is safe to do so.
  2. Call OUT:
    • Use mobile phones or other devices only to contact law enforcement personnel with emergency information.
    • Call 9-1-1 or (740) 376-3333 to reach the Marietta College Police Department as soon as it is safe to do so. Provide as much information as possible to the police including:
      • Location of the suspect(s) — Include building name, location, floor, and room number if possible.
      • Description of the suspect(s) — Include name (if known), gender, race, height, hair color, clothing description, weapons seen or indicated, what they said, specific target (if known), the direction of travel (if known), and other information as requested by the dispatcher.
      • Any hazardous materials that may be present in the building (if known)
      • Request an ambulance for anyone who is injured.
  3. Keep OUT:
    • Close and lock interior doors if possible.
    • Barricade the doors using any means necessary. (remember A.L.i.C.E)
  4. Hide OUT:
    • Shelter in place if evacuation is not an option.
    • Seek shelter in the nearest secured place. (classroom or office)
    • Turn off lights if possible.
    • Turn off or silence any electronics that may indicate the room is occupied. (cell phone, computers, projectors, etc.)
    • Close blinds or curtains if possible.
    • Stay away from doors and try to keep out of the line of sight of windows.
    • Develop a plan in case the room is breached; follow A.L.i.C.E principles and collect devices to distract and/or engage the suspect.
    • Be quiet.
    • Do not respond to anyone at the door while you are in locked inside a room. Law enforcement will announce themselves and enter the room with a key to release you when it is safe.
    • Updated information may be delivered to your mobile phone from Pioneer Alert.
    • If you are directed to leave your secured area by police, do so as quickly and quietly as possible, keep your hands visible, and follow their instructions. Assist those who may require help moving if possible.
    • Should the fire alarm be activated during a lockdown, wait for the direction from the police before evacuating the building unless there is an immediate danger. If there is smoke or fire present you may need to evacuate, but make sure it is as safe as possible before attempting to evacuate.
    • Use mobile phones only to notify law enforcement of emergency information. Don’t risk calling someone else on campus who may not have silenced their phone as this may alert the attacker.
  5. Take OUT:
    • Last resort. Use anything to distract or disable the suspect. (Remember A.L.i.C.E)

If you are outside when a Pioneer Alert is initiated:

  1. Move as far away as possible from any buildings in danger as identified by the Pioneer Alert.
  2. Do not attempt to enter a building that is locked.
  3. Go to a safe area away from the scene.
  4. Follow Hide OUT model.
  5. Monitor Pioneer Alerts for updates and further information as it becomes available.