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(Revision adopted at Annual Meeting, 4/26/2010)




The name of this organization shall be the Marietta College Institute for Learning in Retirement (ILR).
It is an outreach activity of Marietta College Continuing Education.




The purpose of ILR shall be:

1. to foster the interests of members in continuing education,

2. to provide and promote quality programs for its members,

3. to encourage member participation in study and discussion.




1. Members are those who have taken at least one course in the last three years or have served on the
Board of Directors.

2. Membership is open to those who are interested in helping to reach the purpose stated above.

3. Members can participate in the organization by attending classes, programs, and meetings sponsored
by ILR and by being part of its governance.

4. All members are eligible to present and to vote on matters before the organization at the Annual
Meeting or at any other business meeting.




1. The Executive Board consists of the Director, Program Chair, Recording Secretary, and Treasurer.

2. The members of the Executive Board shall be elected at the Annual Meeting and shall serve a
one-year term, being eligible for a normal limit of three terms. After a two-year interim, they
may be elected again.

3. The Institute shall be governed by a Board of Directors consisting of the Executive Board
plus the following persons appointed by the Executive Board: Assistant Program Chair,
Publicity Chair, Hospitality Chair, and Web Master.




1. Shall meet at least three times a year to approve the courses to be taught in each ILR session,
consider courses for future sessions, and address pertinent issues raised by officers or other

2. Shall nominate candidates for the offices specified in IV.1 and present this list of nominees to
members at the Annual Meeting.

3. Shall fill any vacancies by appointment.

4. Shall approve the Treasurer's annual operating budget.

5. Shall appoint ad hoc committees as needed.

6. Shall name a recipient of the ILR Recognition Award when appropriate.

7. Additionally, the Executive Board shall hold special meetings to address ad hoc issues.




1. The Director:

a. Shall call to order and preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors and the Executive
Board, plus the Annual and special meetings.

b. Shall be a liaison to Marietta College.

c. Shall appoint an assistant to preside if s/he is unable to do so.

2. The Program Chair:

a. Shall appoint a Program Committee to help identify ILR classes and instructors and, in
consultation with the Board of Directors, create a schedule of courses for the fall,
winter, and spring sessions.

b. Shall prepare, in conjunction with instructors, a catalog of courses for each session.

c. Shall communicate to the Publicity Director and Web Master information about courses
and instructors.

d. Shall suggest to the Executive Board ideas for special programs.

3. The Recording Secretary:

a. Shall keep a record of the meetings of the Board of Directors and Executive Board and
of the Annual and special meetings.

b. Shall prepare an annual report, including a calendar of events, policies adopted, and
plans for the future.

4. The Treasurer:

a. Shall work with a representative of the Marietta College business office to keep a record
of and administer the Institute's finances, receipts, and expenditures.

b. Shall present a statement of accounts at every Annual Meeting and at other times when
requested by the Board of Directors.

c. Shall prepare with the aid of the Board of Directors an operating budget for the fiscal year
that begins on July 1 and ends June 30 of the following year.




1. The Assistant Program Chair:

a. Shall work with a representative of the Marietta College Office of Continuing Education
to reserve classrooms for each ILR class.

b. Shall work with the staff of the Marietta College print shop and mail room to get the
catalog of courses prepared and sent in a timely manner to all members, by mail and
on the ILR web site.

c. Shall keep up to date a record of all ILR members.

2. The Publicity Chair shall be responsible for providing publicity about ILR classes and events
to area media and to the ILR Web Master.

3. The Hospitality Chair shall schedule, arrange catering for, and send invitations to the Annual Meeting
and the annual appreciation luncheon for Marietta College staff members who have assisted ILR.

4. The Web Master:

a. Shall maintain an up-to-date ILR web site that includes information about current
classes and instructors.

b. Shall assist instructors in using the features of the web site.




1. The Annual Meeting of the ILR will be held in the month of May. The major purpose of this
meeting is to review the past year and plan for the year ahead. Officers are elected at this meeting.

2. Other meetings of the membership may be called by the Board of Directors.

3. The Board of Directors shall meet at least three times annually.




This organization is a non-profit organization operated solely for the purposes set forth herein.
No member of this organization shall be liable for the debts, liabilities, or other financial obligations
of the Institute while exercising his/her function as an officer of this organization.




The By-laws of this organization may be altered, amended, changed, or replaced by a new set of
By-laws by a two-thirds vote of the members present at the Annual or special meeting called for
such a purpose. A special meeting may be called by the Board of Directors or five members upon
written notice to all members at least thirty days prior to the meeting.




Upon the dissolution of the Marietta College Institute for Learning in Retirement, after paying or
making provisions for payment all liabilities of the Institute, the officers shall dispose of all assets
by contributing them to the sponsoring institution.