ILR Course Descriptions - Spring 2019

March 18 - May 10, 2019

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The History of Technology

Click here for the Course Homepage where the weekly slides will be posted.

Jim Moon, BS Chemistry, Iowa State University
This class will cover different technologies and inventions each week, from the Stone Age to the present including: stone tools, beer and wine making, the development of the mechanical clock, printing, the telescope, spinning and weaving, steam power, the light bulb, radio and many more. The course is based on numerous books on the history of technology supplemented with videos from The Great Courses series on innovation and the industrial revolution. The course is designed for history lovers and by design will not deal with a lot of technical minutiae. Your class leader certainly is not a professional historian, but is an avid reader and student of history. As a chemical engineer and chemist, he has been involved with the application of technology for 33 years.
Cost: $30
Limit: 90 participants
Day & Time: Mondays, 3-5 PM
Dates: March 18, 25, April 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, May 6
Location: Thomas Hall 124

Islamic Movements

Janice Terry, Professor Emeritus, Eastern Michigan University
The course will consist of lectures, discussions and videos on various Islamist movements from the 19th century to the present. The emergence and worldviews of The Mahdi (19thc. Sudan), Senussi (19thc. Libya), Wahhabism (19thc. Arabia), the Muslim Brotherhood, Sayyid Qutb (20thc. Egypt), al-Qaeda and ISIS will be discussed.
Cost: $30
Limit: 90 participants
Day & Time: Tuesdays, 3-5 PM
Dates: March 19, 26, April 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, May 7
Location: Thomas Hall 124

Folk Dance

Becky Wright, studied Folk Dance at U of MI
This course will review the folk dances learned in previous ILR sessions while introducing slightly more challenging steps. The majority of our classes will focus on mastering new dances, but no dance will require any movements as strenuous as running, jumping, hopping, or skipping. The dances featured in this course come from Eastern Europe, Israel, Turkey, Scotland, and Russia. Hopefully, we’ll be dancing up a storm by the last two classes.
Cost: $30
Limit: 40 participants
Day & Time: Wednesdays, 3-4 PM (Note: This class meets for one hour.)
Dates: March 20, 27, April 3, 10, 17, 24, May 1, 8
Location: St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, 320 2nd St., Marietta (Use kitchen door off 3rd St. parking lot)

Journey to the East

Ni, (Jenni) Zhang, Director of Asian Studies, Marietta College
For centuries, Zhongguo, also known as China, or the Middle Kingdom, was an enigma to most of the outside world. Wondrous and awe-inspiring, China has the world’s oldest continuous civilization, with the longest tradition of record-keeping and artifact collection, and the most sophisticated and complex culture the world has known. This course intends to capture the profundity of Chinese culture by introducing selected essential aspects (e.g., value of family, food, art and architecture, science and technology) and exploring the philosophical, religious and political influences that have helped shape Chinese culture. Class format is a combination of lectures, discussions, and hands-on experiences including Tai chi, calligraphy, painting, and cooking!
Cost: $30
Limit: 50 participants
Day & Time: Thursdays, 3-5 PM
Dates: March 21, 28, April 4, 11, 18, 25, May 2, 9
Location: Thomas Hall 209

Alternative Religions in America

Click here for the Course Home Page where suggested readings and other materials will be available. 

David Torbett, Ph.D. - Historical Theology, Union Theological Seminary
This course will examine alternative religious movements in the United States, ranging from Christian groups like Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses, to metaphysical religions like Scientology, to nature religions like Wicca. In addition to studying the beliefs, moral visions, rituals, and community structures of these movements, we will also explore their interaction with American culture and pertinent issues facing them.
Cost: $30
Limit: 90 participants
Day & Time: Fridays, 3-5 PM
Dates: March 22, 29, April 5, 12, 19, 26, May 3, 10 This course will have a make-up session on Friday, May 17, 3 to 5 pm, in room 209 Thompson hall. The front door should be unlocked.
Location: Thomas Hall 124

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