The McDonough Center’s Leadership Study Abroad Program provides opportunities for all students on campus to travel abroad and learn more about leadership. Through these experiences, students are asked to expand their thinking about global leadership issues and to consider a more significant immersion (semester or year-long program abroad).

The Leadership Study Abroad Program offers four main types of trips: (1) Travel to International Conferences; (2) Exchange Visits; (3) ILS International Experience; and (4) For-Credit Undergraduate Course. If you would like to be involved in any of these trips, please contact the Center via e-mail –

International Conference

At least once a year, the McDonough Center organizes a group of students to attend an international conference. The Center makes all of the travel arrangements, and a faculty member serves as the group leader. In some cases, faculty and students have presented papers together at an international conference.

Exchange Visit

Through its many contacts overseas, the McDonough Center organizes student exchanges involving host institutions. A group of MC students can spend a period of time abroad under the direction of a faculty member.

ILS International Experience

The McDonough Center assists students in the International Leadership Studies major as they seek to fulfill their required international experience – study abroad, internship, or community service project.

For-Credit Undergraduate Course

Every year after May graduation, the McDonough Center organizes a study-trip under LEAD 350 (Leadership Study Abroad). This for-credit trip allows a faculty member to take a group of students to study a country (or countries) experiencing significant changes.