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OUR MISSION: To give back the gift...

Through the generosity of Alma McDonough and the McDonough Foundation, the College received an incredible gift – the resources to develop a nationally recognized leadership program, which has attracted gifted young leaders to campus. The main mission of the McDonough Center is to “give back” this gift by preparing those young leaders to lead a purposeful life in service of others – seeking through their leadership to attain higher goals that transcend their individual interests. As the Center fulfills this mission, it immerses the McDonough Scholars in a culture of “service above self” and a calling based on integrity and civic responsibility.

The McDonough Scholar Values

The leadership students have developed a list of the values that guide their participation in the McDonough Leadership Program. These values shape the McDonough Scholars' experience through their four years in the program:

  • Engagement

First-year theme: Building community and finding your place in it.

“Actively seeking a role both on campus and in the community during your first year will empower you to develop your initial perceptions about leadership. Meaningful involvement within the classroom and beyond will equip you to fully participate in your learning experience thus allowing you to gain the most from your collegiate career. Engagement is a commitment to entirely investing yourself into the relationships, opportunities, and experiences lying before you in order to establish the foundation for your future endeavors.”

  • Enlightenment

Second-year theme: Creating your leadership model through self-discovery.

“After engaging in the first year, you are now prepared to mature your personal leadership goals. By synthesizing course material, hands-on-learning experiences, campus and community roles, and new leadership lessons attained over your two years, you will see the world through a larger lens. Your broadened perspectives and deepening knowledge will strengthen your growth as a leader and enable you to create your personal leadership vision.”

  • Resilience

Third-year theme: Testing your leadership model.

“Leadership is not easy. Setbacks inevitably challenge the greatest of leaders, and during your third year, the theories and practices of leadership you have refined for two years will be tested. These trials will teach you that self-confidence, patience, and resilience are integral to your ability to be both a capable follower and an effective leader. Celebrating all of the experiences that have brought you this far, you will learn to appreciate the value of failure because only through overcoming it will you become a stronger leader.”

  • Direction

Fourth-year theme: Answering the question: Leadership for what?

“Upon your final year, you will gain a sense of direction. At this point, you have taken the classes, you have acquired the skills, and you have made an impact within your community. Now, you must ask yourself: where do I want to go with all that I have learned? As you reflect on your future beyond Marietta College, you will have the chance to decide how, where, and to whom you wish to ‘give back the gift.’  This is your opportunity to make an impact in the world; now all you must do is to go take that initial step.”