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Once accepted into the leadership program at Marietta College, students are designated “McDonough Scholars” on campus. They belong to a thriving learning community with many opportunities to practice their leadership skills and grow as engaged leaders on campus and in the community.

This section of the website provides information about scholarships and forms that will enhance your participation in the life of the Center. We encourage you to visit this section as often as possible to learn about the opportunities that you have as a leadership student at Marietta College.

Getting Involved

McDonough Scholars get involved at McDonough through a variety of projects. Students are expected to take advantage of these opportunities in order to practice their leadership skills. Our assumption is that the knowledge acquired in the classroom is not enough. Your understanding of leadership also comes from putting that knowledge into action. McDonough can help you get involved and find an activity that will enhance your leadership skills.


The McDonough Leadership Program encourages its McDonough Scholars to pursue an internship before they graduate. In fact, students can use an internship to fulfill their Experiential Education requirement in the Minor in Leadership Studies. Some students have an internship while studying abroad. Recently, for instance, a McDonough Scholar interned in the British Parliament while studying at the London Metropolitan University. The main philosophy behind the Experiential Education requirement is the real benefits that a hands-on experience outside the classroom may add to a college education.

There are several steps a McDonough Scholar must take in order to begin their Leadership Internship process:

First, they must have an Internship Learning Agreement completed and on file with the Director of Community Engagement.

Secondly, McDonough Scholars are expected to keep a journal with reflections about leadership during their internship. All students completing the internship for graduation will be required to submit a reflective journal (via email) during their internship, as well as a final self-evaluation.

The third step in the Leadership Internship process is a supervisor evaluation. Supervisors will receive an evaluation form via email. If the supervisor prefers, the evaluation can be in a format that the company already utilizes, or a letter to the Director of Community Engagement evaluating your performance. If choosing this option, the internship supervisor should mail this directly to the Director of Community Engagement (McDonough Center, Marietta College, 215 Fifth Street, Marietta, OH 45750).

The final step in the Leadership Internship process is participation in the McDonough Leadership Conference the spring semester following internship completion. All students completing an internship to fulfill the graduation requirement will present either a poster session or participate on an internship panel during the conference in April. Students will work with the Director of Community Engagement to plan and prepare this presentation.


Service Sites: Complete list of service sites that McDonough Scholars may use for volunteer hours.

Service Hour Guidelines: Review the guidelines for what is (and is not) counted for your service hours.

Service Learning Time Sheet: Log all service hours on this time sheet. Complete a separate sheet for each service site. Submit hours by the end of the semester in which you volunteered. The SERVICE HOUR DROX BOX is located in the Office of Civic Engagement Student Room (McDonough 204).

Service Pre-Approval Form: Download and complete this form BEFORE participating in campus based service activities, or BEFORE you participate in service in a community outside the Marietta area.

International Experience

Students pursuing a minor in Leadership Studies may complete an approved international experience instead of an internship if they choose.

Steps to Completing Your International Experience: This document will take you through the various types of International Experiences (study abroad, an internship overseas, an international trip sponsored by Marietta College, or a service trip abroad), as well as the steps required for completing each.

International Experience Pre-Approval Form: Complete this form prior to your departure on your international experience.

International Experience Reflection Paper Prompt: Requirements for the Reflection Paper you will need to submit.

Scholarships & Awards

Every year, the McDonough Center awards many grants and prizes that recognize academic excellence and outstanding leadership development. The selection process varies based on specific criteria listed below. To learn more about each award, please send an email to

McDonough Scholarships and Grants

The Carl L. Broughton Leadership Scholarship

These scholarships were established by a generous gift to the College by the Bernard P. McDonough Foundation. Intended as a memorial to Carl L. Broughton, a trustee of Marietta College, who passed away in May, 1996, the scholarships are awarded annually to two incoming freshmen who meet the following criteria: membership in the McDonough Leadership Program with a minor in Leadership Studies, solid grade point average, and a record of service to the community.

Selection Process: Recipients are selected by the McDonough Awards Committee once they are accepted into the McDonough Leadership Program.

The Sherrill and Diana Drake Cleland Leadership Grant

This Scholarship was funded in 2000 by the fourteenth president of Marietta College, Dr. Sherrill Cleland. The award (a minimum of $250 per recipient) is to be used by McDonough Scholars to defray expenses incurred to attend a relevant leadership conference, an approved internship, or a study-abroad experience focusing on leadership.

Selection Process: The recipient is selected by the McDonough Awards Committee in the spring semester.

The Robert and Sally S. Evans Civic Engagement Internship Grant

This award was created by Sally S. Evans in order to support the local nonprofit community. The award provides $4,000 for a student to complete a summer internship at a nonprofit organization in Marietta. The internship has to involve activities that directly benefit children in the area. The award is provided in two installments -- $2,000 for living expenses and $2,000 stipend (upon completion of a report).

Selection Process: The Office of Civic Engagement manages the selection process. For more information, please email OCE ( or drop by the OCE Office (McDonough 204).

The Ronald F. Carlson Experiential Education Endowment

This endowment is used to support experiential education activities of McDonough Scholars. Grants from this endowment are usually given to leadership students planning to attend the global conference of the International Leadership Association (ILA).

Selection Process: The call for applications go out in the fall semester. The McDonough Awards Committee chooses the recipients from the applications received.

McDonough Student Awards and Prizes

The Michael J. Conte Educator as Leader Award

This was established in 2005 by the Education Department and the McDonough Leadership Program to honor the memory of Michael Conte, an early childhood education major and McDonough Scholar. This award is given to an outstanding member of the junior class who is pursuing the leadership minor/certificate or the teacher leadership certificate and is majoring in Education.

Selection Process: The Education Department and McDonough Leadership Program meet once a year and decide on the award recipient.

The Sherrill Cleland Prize in Leadership

This prize was established by the Board of Trustees upon President Sherrill Cleland's retirement in 1989 to recognize Dr. Cleland's efforts to instill qualities and skills of leadership as a major component of Marietta College's educational program during his 16 years of personal leadership. It is given annually to the most outstanding of the graduating McDonough Scholars.

Selection Process: The McDonough Awards Committee chooses the recipient from senior McDonough Scholars.

The Outstanding First-Year McDonough Scholar

This prize is awarded annually to recognize first-year students in the McDonough Leadership Program who have demonstrated academic excellence and commitment to the values of the McDonough Leadership Program.

Selection Process: The recipients are selected by the McDonough Awards Committee from McDonough Scholars who are enrolled in LEAD 103 with a GPA of 3.8 or above.

The Outstanding Engineering Leadership Prize

This prize is awarded annually to recognize graduating seniors who excelled in the Engineering Leadership Certificate track.

Selection Process: The McDonough Awards Committee chooses the recipient from senior McDonough Scholars.

The Ohio Campus Compact Charles J. Ping Student Community Service Award

This Ohio Campus Compact (OCC) award was designed to recognize and honor undergraduate students for their outstanding leadership and contributions to community service or service-learning on their campus and within their community. This award can be granted annually to one undergraduate per OCC member institution. Those nominated to be a Ping award winner for their campus will compete with other Ping nominees from across the state for a $500 mini-grant, to be given to the community partner of the Ping nominee. These four (4) grants are generously provided by Fifth Third Bank. Candidates should show evidence of exemplary community service during their time on campus or show evidence of exemplary service-learning during their time on campus.

Selection Process: The application form must be accompanied by the requested student essay and letter of nomination from the president of their college or university. The McDonough Center’s Director of Civic Engagement coordinates the selection process for Marietta College.

LEEF Grants

Since 1987, the McDonough Center for Leadership and Business at Marietta College has offered one of the most innovative undergraduate leadership development programs in the United States. Our cutting-edge program is built on three fundamental pillars: Knowledge (a liberal-arts based curriculum introducing the latest concepts and ideas in the field); Action (an extensive experiential education program that builds critical leadership skills); and Growth (offering the mentoring and coaching needed to connect theory to practice). While many of the leadership programs in the United States offer one of the three pillars, McDonough stands out at the national level by its comprehensive nature – offering breadth and depth in all three.

The Action pillar of the McDonough Leadership Program is based on the idea that students develop new insights about leadership by taking their knowledge and applying it to the “real world” in a guided Experiential Education setting. At McDonough, this Experiential Education focus involves five types of activities – internships, study abroad, service project trips, conference participation, and undergraduate research (e.g., Honors Thesis).

The Leadership Experiential Education Fund (LEEF) supports the McDonough Scholars’ participation in these five areas listed above. LEEF allows us to give grants to leadership students to use for these Experiential Education activities. LEEF grants are life changing for our students. They provide powerful eye-opening experiences that shape their professional path beyond college.  While the McDonough Center offers intellectually stimulating seminars, which expose our students to the latest concepts and models of leadership, Experiential Education provides a bridge from the classroom to the world at large. Students are then able to see how the concepts and models work in the “real world.”

All McDonough Scholars are eligible to apply to receive a LEEF grant during their college career at Marietta. To apply, please send an email to with your LEEF grant proposal memo. Your 2-3 page proposal should include the following items: general description of the proposed experience (one of the five recognized experiential learning activities listed above); budget (the requested amount and how it will be spent); and impact statement.

For most LEEF grants, the McDonough Center will request a brief report from the grantee following the completion of the experience. LEEF grant applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, unless specific deadlines are announced in a separate email message to the McDonough Scholars.