Through strategic collaborations among a variety of academic and programmatic units on campus, the McDonough Center is able to reach a much wider segment of the student population. We strive to establish a culture of personal leadership development permeating throughout campus – reaching not only students, but also faculty, staff, and senior administration.

  • Student Life Office: The College’s current Strategic Plan (“Focused on Distinction,” 2010-2015) calls on the McDonough Center to collaborate with the Student Life Office to develop initiatives that go beyond McDonough Scholars (e.g., co-curricular transcript, the Social Justice Leadership Institute).

  • Career Center: Career planning is a key component of a college education. McDonough offers a mentorship program through a partnership with the College’s Career Center, under which graduates of the leadership program are paired with current leadership students.

  • Office of Education Abroad (OEA): The OEA staff provide key support to the leadership students seeking to study abroad. In addition, this office also assists McDonough in the planning of LEAD 350 (Leadership Study Abroad) courses.

  • Academic Departments: The McDonough Center works with many academic departments on campus in order to advance the study and practice of leadership. Faculty from key departments (e.g., Business and Economics, Environmental Studies and Biology, Modern Foreign Languages, Political Science, History, Communication) teach core and elective courses for the students in the leadership program. In addition, McDonough affiliated faculty from several academic departments collaborate with McDonough on specific projects (e.g., collaboration with the Education Department on the Teacher Leadership Certificate Program, collaboration with the Petroleum Engineering and Geology Department on the Engineering Leadership Certificate Program).