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Alexis A.

Alexis A., a Physician Assistant student at Marietta College

I was raised in Howland, Ohio, and graduated from Youngstown State University in 2023 with a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences and a minor in Chemistry. Throughout high school, I was actively involved in soccer, which resulted in a concussion. Fortunately, I was treated by several Neurology PAs who helped me navigate my recovery. After having such an impactful experience with them, my passion for science, medicine, and the PA profession was ignited and grew exponentially. During my undergraduate studies, I sought out various opportunities to gain exposure and experience in the medical field. I worked at St. Joseph Warren Hospital as an STNA in the Progressive Intensive Care Unit and the Labor & Delivery Department. I absolutely loved working in a collaborative and team-centered setting and building connections with my patients. This led me to shadow a Neurology PA and a Neurosurgery PA, which solidified my decision to pursue this profession. As someone who is deeply passionate about the Physician Assistant profession, I feel incredibly grateful to start this journey with Marietta College. It brings me great pride to be associated with such a renowned program. Go, Pioneers!

Shelby B.

Shelby B., a Physician Assistant student at Marietta College

My journey to becoming a PA began in 2013 after I completed my freshman year of undergrad, and I was working back in my hometown of Cadiz, OH as an Administrative Assistant for the gas and oil industry. It was there I understood that my attention to detail, my emotional intelligence, and the desire to serve others in an impactful way would lead me to a career with higher purpose and passion. After experiencing a health scare myself and was heard, guided and educated by a PA, I knew that was my calling in life, too. That experience inspired me to pursue lifelong learning with the ability to serve, educate, and prevent health ailments in my own community. I left my well-paying, stable job in 2016 to finish my undergraduate studies with this goal in mind. In 2019, I graduated from Ohio University (Eastern Campus) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Biology and an Associate of Science, after enduring an arduous chapter in my personal life as well as becoming a first-time mother to my daughter, Ella. Post-graduation, I navigated the challenges of many closed doors, multiple moves, and the pandemic while working as a rehabilitation therapy tech, an urgent care medical scribe, and a medical assistant in dermatology and gastroenterology. In addition to pursuing my career dreams, I have invested in my family and personal growth. I have since met and married my husband, Tyler, and we added our son, Tripp, to our family in 2021. My family has been my greatest source of joy and support throughout these years. Seven years later, and I have finally accepted a seat in Marietta’s Physician Assistant program. This journey has greatly tested my resiliency and determination, but I know it has prepared me for the next chapter. I am both SO grateful and eager to be a part of the Class of 2025!!

Anna B.

Anna B., a Physician Assistant student at Marietta College

I’ve always had a desire to work in the medical field, but it wasn’t until anatomy and physiology in high school that my desire was solidified. My interest in the body’s endless complexities steered me towards a career involving diagnosis and treatment. This led me to pursue my bachelor’s degree in rehabilitation science from the University of Pittsburgh, where I took specialized science courses focused on diagnostic and healthcare-based approaches. In an effort to better familiarize myself with the various roles in healthcare, I worked alongside a vast array of professionals as a resident assistant in an assisted living facility, an EMT at two different ambulance transport companies, and as a medical assistant in a Suboxone clinic, an internal medicine office, and an OB/GYN practice. It was through these experiences with different populations and settings that I gained an appreciation for Physician Assistants and their contributions to the healthcare system. In addition to my work experience, I shadowed a urology PA while he performed his daily responsibilities, making it apparent that a PA’s role was perfect for me. A year of nerve-wracking interviews and essays later, I am extremely proud to be continuing my journey at Marietta College as a student in their 2025 class. I am truly excited to use my love for science to change lives for the better, and I am confident that Marietta’s PA program will prepare me to be an excellent Physician Assistant.

Katelyn B.

Katelyn B., a Physician Assistant student at Marietta College

I was raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, and obtained my undergraduate degree in Biology from Macalester College in Minnesota. During my time in college, I developed a strong passion for healthcare and knew that I wanted to pursue a career in medicine. I have always been drawn to primary care, as it allows me to provide compassionate and comprehensive care to my patients. This is why I am thrilled to be a part of the Marietta physician assistant program, where I will learn the skills and knowledge necessary to be an effective healthcare provider. Volunteering at a free clinic in my hometown has been a profound experience, giving me a unique perspective on the challenges faced by underserved communities. It has further strengthened my commitment to providing equitable healthcare to all patients. Additionally, I have worked for three years as a CNA, first in hospice and then on a surgical transplant floor, which has provided me with invaluable experience. I am eager to expand my skill set and continue on the path to becoming a physician assistant.

Kelli B.

Kelli B., a Physician Assistant student at Marietta College

I was born and raised in Ellicott City, Maryland, a large suburban area near the city of Baltimore. After graduating high school in 2018, I moved to Lexington, Kentucky for my undergraduate career at the University of Kentucky and graduated with my Bachelors of Science in Human Health Sciences in December 2021. I wasn't set on becoming a Physician Assistant (PA) until my second year of undergrad, as I was still discovering the depth and variety of the profession. Through different shadowing experiences in the emergency room, cardiology department, etc., I realized that the PA profession aligned with my curiosity of being able to discover more about different avenues of medicine with the ability to switch specialties. While living in Lexington I gained my patient care hours by working as a Nurse Assistant on a med-surg unit at the University of Kentucky's Good Samaritan hospital. I also volunteered at a small clinic which provided free care to the underinsured/uninsured patients in the area. Both of these experiences gave me access to many different types of patients and grew my love for giving care and being a listener for each person. I am very excited and honored to be a part of Marietta College's Physician Assistant Class of 2025, and cannot wait to see how I grow over the coming years!

Ellie C.

Ellie C., a Physician Assistant student at Marietta College

Hello everyone! My name is Ellie and I was born and raised in Marion, Ohio. Growing up, I had an immense passion for dance. This eventually led me to earn a spot on the Clemson University varsity dance team, The Rally Cats, and later the Ohio State Club Dance Team. Alongside dance, I excelled academically while volunteering in my community through our local YMCA and Marion General Hospital. Though my duties were quite simple, I enjoyed the atmosphere and interacting with patients and staff members. Starting college, I majored in Nutrition with a Minor in Community Health at Clemson University. Outside of my academics, I was involved in many student clubs such as the hiking club, nutrition club, and Paws for PA. My interests in health care ranged from public health to administrative oversight, and first-hand patient care. Though I shadowed in each perspective, I was more drawn toward the provider-patient relationship and the daily tasks of providers. In my junior year, I transferred from Clemson to The Ohio State University to study Health Sciences with a minor in Global Health. I also worked part-time as a physical therapy assistant at a chiropractor's office. Physically seeing the patients progress in the therapy room and personally connecting with them left me with an overwhelming sense of joy. During this time, I shadowed a Physician Assistant in family medicine, orthopedics, and sports medicine, as well as others. Though this was where my love for patient-centered care started to bloom, it developed even more as a clinical research assistant. At The Ohio State University Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center, I was able to assist the lead research coordinator and physicians by facilitating and managing clinical trials, recruiting and enrolling patients, and collecting data from subjects. I specifically looked forward to our patient visits as I enjoyed building a relationship with our subjects from a more clinical aspect. Though my time at OSU is coming to an end, I am beyond grateful for my experiences with the staff and patients as well as my undergraduate family. The opportunities and adventures of the past five years have provided me with the confidence to succeed as a Physician Assistant. The Marietta program was my number one choice so I am beyond excited to be a part of the class of 2025. I truly believe this program wants its students to flourish. Go Pioneers, Go Bucks, and Go Tigers!

Annie C.

Annie C., a Physician Assistant student at Marietta College

I grew up in a small town in Ohio known as Barnesville. I have always been drawn toward medicine and helping others. Once I had discovered the PA profession, I searched for colleges in Ohio with PA programs. Through that process, I discovered Marietta College which is where I majored in Biochemistry and with a minor in Biology. During my undergrad years, I worked as a nurse aide in an operating room and an assisted living home. These experiences allowed me to learn more about the healthcare field and solidified my desire to one day give back as a PA. I am extremely grateful to be a part of the Marietta College Physician Assistant Program Class of 2025.

Natalie C.

Natalie C., a Physician Assistant student at Marietta College

As a PA, I believe that I can have a career that allows me to have a purposeful and meaningful life that adds value to my community. Being able to learn about and practice in multiple fields of medicine, interact with people daily, and support others through their varying health needs are just some of the many aspects of the P.A. profession that I value. I grew up in the Cleveland suburb of Brecksville, Ohio, and I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences from Marietta College in 2023. I also have a minor in Leadership Studies. I enjoy cooking, gardening, and playing the violin. I am excited to further my education at Marietta’s PA program!

Leayan C.

Leayan C., a Physician Assistant student at Marietta College

Hello everyone, my name is Leayan and I am excited to introduce myself to you today. I was born and raised in the city of Dearborn, Michigan, where I spent most of my life. I attended Dearborn High School, which is known as the home of the pioneers, and I am thrilled to continue this tradition as I embark on a new chapter of my life at Marietta College. Before joining Marietta, I graduated from the University of Michigan-Dearborn, where I received two degrees: A Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences and a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice. While in college, I discovered my passion for medicine when I became my grandmother's caretaker, who suffered from Lewy body dementia. This experience motivated me to work at a memory care facility as a medical technician and caregiver, where I worked closely with Physician Assistants and discovered my love for their profession. Now, as I begin my journey at Marietta College, I am excited to pursue a career as a Physician Assistant. I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge, developing new skills, and gaining valuable experience that will help me achieve my goals. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself. As a fellow pioneer, I am proud to say: GO PIONEERS!

Chantz C.

Chantz C., a Physician Assistant student at Marietta College

I grew up in the small town of Washington, West Virginia. As a child, I was always fascinated by science and medicine, and I dreamed of one day becoming a healthcare professional. After graduating high school, I decided to attend West Virginia University, where I pursued a degree in biology. While in college, I worked as a scribe in the local ear, nose, and throat clinic, where I gained valuable experience in the medical field. It was there that my passion for healthcare and helping people was solidified. After completing my undergraduate degree, I decided to continue my education at WVU and pursued a master's degree in health science. During my graduate studies, I learned about a wide range of health care issues and completed a research project on the surgical outcomes of oral cancer. After completing my master's degree, I returned to my job as a scribe in a family medicine clinic in my hometown. I loved my work, but I knew that I wanted to take my career to the next level. After careful consideration, I decided to pursue a career as a physician assistant. I am thrilled to be a part of Marietta College Physician Assistant Class of 2025.

Heather C.

Heather C., a Physician Assistant student at Marietta College

Taking anatomy in high school was my first exposure to learning about the human body and something about the class just clicked with me. After that, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in medicine but I wasn't sure in what area. I graduated from Streetsboro High School in 2014 and chose to continue my education at Ashland University. During my time as an athletic training student I learned about the PA profession and fell in love with it. I graduated from my undergrad in 2018 and was fortunate enough to continue building patient care experience as an athletic trainer at the high school level through the Cleveland Clinic. I've been able to build relationships with some great kids and have seen firsthand how my help has impacted them on and off the field/court/track/etc. I'm very excited to continue my career in medicine as a physician assistant and make an impact on even more patients. I can't put into words how thankful I am to be part of the Marietta Physician Assistant Program Class of 2025. Go Pioneers!

Sam C.

Sam C., a Physician Assistant student at Marietta College

I grew up in a small town called Newport, Michigan, about 30 minutes south of Detroit. From a young age, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in medicine, and my passion for athletics ultimately led me toward my degree. I graduated from The University of Toledo in 2020 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science, with the intent to pursue a career as a PA. Throughout college and after, I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of healthcare roles including as a medical scribe, a CT tech assistant, and a patient transporter. In these positions I have been able to work side by side with PAs and learn about the career firsthand. I was thrilled to be offered a seat in the Marietta College Physician Assistant Program Class of 2025, and I can’t wait to see where it takes me from here.

Abby D.

Abby D., a Physician Assistant student at Marietta College

Unlike many of my fellow students, it wasn’t a medical job that led me to realize what I wanted to do with my career. Since the age of 15, I have worked in some field of childcare. It was so clear that I had a knack for taking care of people. I had countless people ask when I was going to be a teacher or a daycare owner and while I loved all of my kiddos, those just never felt like the right jobs. While earning my associate degree at a community college in my hometown Parkersburg, West Virginia, I began taking medical geared classes and had one amazing professor push me towards a medical career because he saw my potential. I went on to graduate from West Virginia University with a bachelor's in biology and began working with, volunteering with, and shadowing medical professionals, which exposed me to the physician assistant profession. I loved the ability to pursue a variety of fields and the close-knit team feeling that came with being a physician assistant. I still love all of my past kiddos and I’m sure that will push me towards certain specialties within the physician assistant career path. Coming from a big family and being so close with my friends of 15+ years has shown me that I am a problem-solver and have always wanted to help people. I am so excited to continue this journey to becoming a physician assistant; I know it will be a successful journey. I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend Marietta College and can’t wait for the memories that will be made with my fellow classmates in the MCPAP class of 2025.

Parker D.

Parker D., a Physician Assistant student at Marietta College

I grew up in Zanesville, Ohio; born and raised. I went to Tri-Valley High School and graduated from Marietta College with a Bachelor's Degree in Biochemistry. I am an avid learner and the medical field has always fascinated me. One of the reasons I’m going into the medical field is because when I was born, I had a subglottic web in my esophagus that prevented me from breathing. Because medical professionals saved my life I feel like I owe it to save others’ lives as well. I have a passion for traveling with a goal to travel more in the future and explore our beautiful world. I have experience in working in the medical field already with 2 years as a tech. at my local hospital and fell in love with caring for others. Upon graduating from PA school, I would like to stay in the area for a while to give back to my community. Go Pios!

Jacob D.

Jacob D., a Physician Assistant student at Marietta College

I grew up in North Ridgeville, Ohio. I attended undergrad at Baldwin Wallace University, double majoring in Pre-Physical Therapy and Exercise Science. During my undergraduate career, I worked as a patient care assistant at a local hospital in a telemetry unit, where I gained a basic understanding of patient care and hospital workflow. Growing up, I was involved in several sports and, unfortunately, dealt with injuries. Through this, I had many positive experiences with orthopedic healthcare providers. With my love for sports and desire to give back to the community, I aim to help athletes in similar situations get back into the sport they love. Knowing this, I shadowed an orthopedic Physician Assistant, reinforcing my aspirations to become a Physician Assistant. I am incredibly proud to be a part of the MCPAP Class of 2025 and look forward to exploring other specialties within the PA profession.

Lex E.

Lex E., a Physician Assistant student at Marietta College

I grew up in the small rural village of Beverly, Ohio. This area lacked various necessities, including access to adequate medical care. This made me realize I wanted more for myself and for small communities. I was fortunate enough to grow up with the opportunity to play sports and was even more fortunate to be recruited to play collegiate basketball. Marietta College was a perfect fit for me from the moment I walked on campus. While being an athlete during college was rewarding and taught me many life lessons, my academics is where I found my desire to care for others. I received my bachelor’s degree in athletic training, combining my love for medicine and sports. Since spring semester of my senior year in 2020 was cut short due to COVID-19. I went directly into working at a local hospital as a patient care tech during a global pandemic once I graduated. Gaining experience, knowledge, and lifelong memories made me realize I once again wanted more for myself. I was able to work around numerous physician assistants in various specialties during my three years at the hospital. After watching how PAs interacted with other medical professionals and with the patients I was sold on my dream to become a PA. With determination, grit, and hard work I was able to apply and receive a spot in Marietta College’s Physician Assistant Program. I’m so thankful to be back on the campus that feels like home. I cannot wait to complete this journey and be able to give back to people who truly deserve access to better healthcare. I am beyond excited to grow as a person and as a health care professional. Go Pios!!

Kylie F.

Kylie F., a Physician Assistant student at Marietta College

Residing in Pennsylvania my whole life, I was born in Pittsburgh and grew up living in Butler. I am a 2023 graduate from Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania for my undergraduate degree, where I majored in Public Health and minored in Gerontology. I received my Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) license at 18 and worked in a specialty care center near my house for several years. While working here, I gained respect for the elderly population, as well as gained meaningful experiences with patients diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. In addition, I worked as a health aide for a nonprofit organization in a group-home setting for young adults diagnosed with spina bifida. Over the years I gained an immense appreciation for taking care of others, regardless of their background or whatever condition(s) they might have. Although this was rewarding work, I still felt the overwhelming sense that I was destined to help patients to a higher degree. My passion for caring for others combined with my past exposure to healthcare has inspired me to become the best PA-C I can be, and I could not be more thrilled to be in the Marietta College PA Program Class of 2025!

Maddie H.

Maddie H., a Physician Assistant student at Marietta College

Medicine has always been interesting to me and I always knew that I wanted to make that a part of my life. I was very active in different sports while growing up and because of sustained injuries I was allowed to have first-hand experience in all stages of the medical field from injury to recovery. I later became a PT aide but saw that career didn’t have everything I wanted. The relationships there and experience I gained was invaluable and I was able to get to know a PA who was a patient at the time. The way he described the career made my interest grow instantly. I began to study more and experience more of the career and what it had to offer. I found this career had everything I wanted and I knew this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I have since graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Exercise Science. I am honored that I have been accepted to Marietta College’s PA program and am excited for what I will be able to learn in these coming years.

Talitha H.

Talitha H., a Physician Assistant student at Marietta College

I may not have had a clear vision of what I wanted to do growing up in the small village of Amanda, Ohio, but I did have a true passion for learning and helping others. I started my college journey at Marietta College as a first-generation college student with a Biochemistry major and Leadership and Biology minors. During my first semester, I took a leadership course that had us choose a community service project in which we felt passionate. I did a lot of research on different places in the community, and I was led to the field of medicine by choosing to volunteer at Marietta Memorial Hospital. I continued to volunteer throughout college and eventually worked there as a PCT. Through shadowing and working alongside different healthcare providers, I found a love for the PA profession. The PA’s I shadowed had an immense amount of love for their jobs and the communities they served and proved to me that being a PA is what I am meant to do. I am very excited and grateful to continue my learning in the Marietta PA Program and its community.

Denise J.

Denise J., a Physician Assistant student at Marietta College

Born and raised in Ohio, I graduated from Ohio Northern University in 2006 with a BS in Biology followed by a MS from Ohio University in 2008. While I have always been confident that biology was my calling, it was not until a couple of years ago that I realized that becoming a physician assistant would be a perfect career for me. I’ve enjoyed multiple biology jobs previously including as a laboratory technician, college instructor, and medical assistant. I truly enjoyed teaching, but I never felt that teaching was the right career for me. I cherished the one-on-one times with students in my office but found it hard to navigate teaching large lectures with different types of learners. In my previous jobs, I was never exposed to the clinical side of the topics I taught or studied. I often taught about topics that I had no real-world experience with, hence I decided to find a way into the medical field. When I transitioned into a scribe role, and later a medical assistant, I finally was able to experience the clinical side of science and knew I was meant for a career in medicine. I am excited to begin this new journey that will allow me to have a continued appreciation for science, have a positive impact on other’s lives, talk to and teach patients one-on-one, and to be a lifelong learner.

Mia K.

Mia K., a Physician Assistant student at Marietta College

As a child, I was often exposed to the “behind the scenes” of the medical field due to my mother’s presence in the laboratory. Ultimately, I joined her in the laboratory, in 2021, as a phlebotomist and lab assistant before finding my place in the pathology department, as a histotechnology assistant. Joining the medical team, mid-pandemic, was an eye-opening experience that exposed me to the whirlwind that is known as medicine; the joys of watching patients thrive and the lows of patient isolation caused by the pandemic. I attended North Carolina State University, as an undergraduate, before graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 2022. While at State, I also graduated with a minor in Anthropology and had the wonderful opportunity to participate in research with sharks and rays in Florida. At last, after years of hard work and dedication, I am proud to say that I will be able to continue my medical journey down the yellow brick road at Marietta.

Alexandria K.

Alexandria K., a Physician Assistant student at Marietta College

After taking my first anatomy course in high school, I knew I wanted to work in the medical field. I graduated from Duquesne University with a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences. Working as a pharmacy technician throughout college, I administered COVID vaccines and became more familiar with some of the medications. I came to recognize regular patients who came in, and I loved being able to connect with them, even if it was for a short minute during their prescription pickup. I have always had a passion for helping others, and it wasn’t until my sophomore year of college when I discovered the PA profession. As I kept learning, I felt more and more drawn to this field. The role of what a PA does fit exactly what I was looking for, and I began seeking out more learning opportunities. I shadowed a few different PAs at the Cleveland Clinic and immediately felt so much comfort and excitement knowing that I had chosen this path. The PAs I shadowed were amazing and showed a true passion for what they do. As a PA, I want to have a positive impact on my patients. I want to be someone they can trust and feel comfortable talking with. After my shadowing experiences, I had a gut feeling this was exactly the path I was meant to take. I am so grateful to be a part of the Marietta College PA program and I am looking forward to becoming a PA-C!

Emma M.

Emma M., a Physician Assistant student at Marietta College

I was born and raised in Anna, Ohio. Upon graduation, I moved to Findlay, Ohio, to continue my academic and volleyball career at the University of Findlay and graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a minor in Chemistry in 2023. Early on in high school, I chose the physician assistant path after my experience as a patient care representative in a local hospital, where I was intrigued by the lateral mobility and role of a PA. Throughout my undergraduate career, I obtained my license as a phlebotomist to work at Mercy Health St. Rita’s in Lima, Ohio. There, I gained an immense amount of knowledge working with healthcare providers and members of the healthcare field. This experience exposed me to the vastness of the medical field and confirmed that the PA route was the correct path for me. I strive to be the best provider for my patients and to have the empathy and knowledge that I have witnessed in so many healthcare professionals throughout my undergraduate career. I am grateful for the opportunity to start this journey at such a respected program at Marietta College.

Kassidy P.

Kassidy P., a Physician Assistant student at Marietta College

Since a young age, I have had a passion for serving others and an interest in learning. This ultimately led me to want to pursue medicine. I grew up in Canal Winchester, Ohio, where my many involvements helped me to gain necessary tools to become a Physician Assistant. One major thing was growing up swimming competitively and coaching the sport. The sport of swimming taught me about discipline, goal-setting, and setbacks, as well as it ignited a burning passion within me to give back to others. These early experiences helped to enable me to make my dreams a reality. At the age of 17, I was introduced to the Physician Assistant profession, and from there on, as they say, the rest is history. I attended The Ohio State University and majored in Health Sciences and minored in Psychology. During my time at The Ohio State University, my desire to become a PA was augmented and cemented by my personal experiences, which included: working as a patient care assistant at Nationwide Children’s Hospital; shadowing numerous physician assistants; and traveling to Ghana to immerse myself into a medical system abroad. These experiences allowed me to see many sides of medicine, and how within these different sides, PAs play a vital part within interdisciplinary teams. Within all of my experiences, I learned that the patient comes first. I want to be able to fill that role in allowing patients to have the best possible health outcomes and ensuring that their concerns and wishes are put first. I am so grateful to be a part of the Marietta College Physician Assistant Program Class of 2025!

Quentin P.

Quentin P., a Physician Assistant student at Marietta College

I grew up in Lima, Ohio, before attending Ohio University, where I studied Exercise Physiology as a student-athlete. It was during my time at Ohio that I learned about the Physician Assistant profession and the integral part they played as medical providers in healthcare today. After graduating from Ohio in 2017, I was fortunate to continue my career as an athlete when I was selected by the Miami Dolphins in the 2018 NFL Draft. My background as an athlete has always fueled my interest in medicine and the human body. Transitioning out of athletics and into healthcare, I began working as an Exercise Physiologist in a cardiac rehabilitation clinic in Bradenton, Florida. Working with patients and helping them gain the ability to return to doing the things they enjoy in life has furthered justified my desire to practice medicine in a greater role. I am excited to return to the southeast Ohio region as a member of the Marietta College Physician Assistant Program Class of 2025 and look forward to a future full of opportunities this exceptional program will create!

Katherine S.

Katherine S., a Physician Assistant student at Marietta College

As a young child, I watched countless hours of Untold Stories of the ER. I realized that while some of my friends were disturbed by the featured cases, I was fascinated. From that point forward, I knew the medical field was where I belonged. While pursuing a bachelor’s in biomedical engineering at the University of Cincinnati, my passion for medicine deepened. Throughout my undergraduate career I had the opportunity to co-op at a clinical trial facility as well as within a research team at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, both of which gave me unique insight into different areas of medicine. Being a part of each team solidified my decision to pursue PA school and work in a field that I am passionate about. To prepare for my future career I also worked as a nurse’s aide at a pediatric office to gain more experience in the world of healthcare. Marietta seemed like a wonderful community in which to complete my PA education and I was captivated by the supportive and collaborative efforts I saw when I visited the campus. I am beyond excited to join the Marietta College Physician Assistant Program Class of 2025 and begin my career as a physician assistant!

Katie S.

Katie S., a Physician Assistant student at Marietta College

I graduated from Youngstown State University in the fall of 2022 with a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences. Going through undergrad, I had no idea what area of healthcare I wanted to pursue because I saw myself in every aspect. After positive PA shadowing experiences, from different fields made me realize that becoming a PA would not limit me the amount of care I could provide to my patients. Throughout undergrad, I was a part of the Eastern Ohio Area Health Education Center Scholars program which gave me a huge foundation on what to expect while being in the healthcare system. Communicating with other Scholars in the program from various healthcare paths, I was able to become more appreciative of the other fields and we were able to develop different mock patient care plans. Also, this program provided me eye opening experiences of different healthcare disparities patients face every day, which is why Marietta College PA program was very appealing to me because the promotion of helping underserved Appalachian regions. I am looking forward to my time at Marietta, continuing my education with the PA class of 2025, and becoming the voice my patients need.

Katie S.

Katie S., a Physician Assistant student at Marietta College

Growing up in Rhode Island, I have always been surrounded by supportive family and friends. My desire to work in healthcare stemmed from interpersonal relationships with my community, especially while working at a community health center with patients that did not have easy access to affordable care. I wanted to continue serving my community in any way I could, and did so by volunteering at my town's food pantry. During my time at NC State for undergrad, I was struggling with what specific field of healthcare I wanted to pursue. My dad introduced me to the PA profession, and convinced me to learn more about it. I started shadowing an orthopedic PA, and immediately knew this was the field for me. The PA I shadowed made me realize the powerful impact they can make on a patient in just one visit. The adaptability she expressed by adhering to each patient and answering each question with detail was admirable, and intrigued me to want to further pursue this profession. After graduating NC State with a bachelor's degree in Neurobiology, I took a gap year and gained most of my clinical experience by working at a hospital and an urgent care as a CNA. Working with and shadowing PAs confirmed my desire to become the best PA I can be. I am confident that Marietta's PA program will best prepare me for this career!

Cantor S.

Cantor S., a Physician Assistant student at Marietta College

Growing up in the rural town of Caldwell, Ohio, I have seen how important medicine is to a small community. Fortunately, much of my family has a background in medicine, so I was able to see the field firsthand. Attending Marietta College allowed me to explore different career paths in the medical field while learning biology. In addition, I worked as a PCT at Marietta Memorial Hospital, and interacted with a variety of roles and fell in love with taking care of patients. After discussing my options with many people, as well as shadowing a PA, I decided that becoming a Physician Assistant was what I wanted to do. I believe that as a PA I can help underserved communities such as my hometown. I graduated from Marietta College with a B.S. in Health Science and a minor in Health Communication while applying to the program. I am excited to get started in learning what it means to be a Physician Assistant and I am proud to be a part of the MCPA class of 2025!

Nick S.

Nick S., a Physician Assistant student at Marietta College

Based on personal healthcare experiences combined with a love for science, I planned at an early age to pursue a medical career. This goal was solidified as I attended Miami University as a biology student and shadowed many general and specialist physicians. However, it was after being treated by a PA in an emergency room that I decided to become a PA. The PA spent as much time as needed to make me feel heard and comfortable. It was a quality interaction that I had never experienced. My goal is to serve the residents in a rural, underserved area like the area in which I was raised. I plan to provide the same empathic, compassionate, and professional care as the PAs I have encountered. I am extremely thankful to Marietta for giving me the opportunity to start my PA journey. I look forward to being a part of a great program dedicated to producing excellent PAs.

Drew S.

Drew S., a Physician Assistant student at Marietta College

Growing up, I always knew my passion to help others would drive me to pursue a career in healthcare. It wasn’t until after I graduated from West Virginia University in the fall of 2020 with a BS in Exercise Physiology and a minor in sports and exercise psychology that I was introduced to the PA profession. At the end of my undergraduate experience, I had the opportunity to briefly study public health and social work in Southeast Asia. While shadowing at a local hospital it was our translator and classmate who began discussing the role of physician assistant. Since then, I have worked for WVU Medicine and seen multiple advanced practice providers operate firsthand as part of an interprofessional team fulfilling roles that I aspire to fill one day. Further shadowing in my hometown, Parkersburg WV (just a few minutes from Marietta) allowed me to build rapport with PAs providing care to underserved communities, solidifying my aspirations. I could not be more excited to become a pioneer and meet my classmates!

Brooke T.

Brooke T., a Physician Assistant student at Marietta College

I was raised in a small town just outside of Marietta, Ohio. Growing up in a tight knit community, I learned the importance of relationships and lending a helping hand early on. From a young age, it has always been apparent to me that caring for others is what I am meant to do. I knew that whatever future career I chose, I wanted to make a difference in others’ lives. During my teenage years, I had a personal experience with a Physician Assistant that left me with the notion that I had found where I belonged; that being a PA was my calling. With my future interest in mind, I geared up to make my passion a reality through education and hands-on experience. I obtained a bachelor’s degree in applied Exercise Physiology from The University of Akron at the end of 2022. During my time in Akron, I was eager to gain patient care experience as well as obtain skills that would further fuel my want to become a PA. I had the opportunity to learn an abundance of information while shadowing a PA in the orthopedic field. I also gained experience while being a caregiver for the elderly in an in-home setting. These interactions granted me feelings of fulfillment and gratification by knowing that I made even the slightest positive impact on their life. I am beyond grateful to make my dream flourish and continue my educational journey by being a part of the PA program here at Marietta College. Go Pios!

Liz U.

Liz U., a Physician Assistant student at Marietta College

My PA journey is somewhat unique as it started in the city of Nairobi located in the beautiful land of Kenya. For the majority of my life up until five years ago my family of five was homeless and barely surviving on $1 a day. As the main breadwinner, I had big dreams but no way of accomplishing them. I worked multiple jobs and barely made $40 a week. Due to our financial situation my father became severely depressed and my mother developed a mental illness. My parents barely left the house and I often had to beg friends to help with some of our meals. It was pretty normal not to have food, water and electricity and I often studied in the dark. It is at this time that I questioned God’s existence. I was raised catholic but I really did not understand what my salvation meant. At the peak of our misfortune I asked God to show me that He was real and that He cared as in 1 Peter 5:7. Without a doubt, I pursued Him and I knocked on His door until He opened as He promises in Math 7:7. Instead of pursuing better job opportunities or sugar daddies (pretty common among young girls in my area) or even saving more money, I pursued Him and He never let me down. He did for me what no man could do. He is the real deal. After a significant number of miraculous events I ended up in America with a full scholarship. When He says “My plans for you are higher than the plans you have for yourself,” He is not kidding because I never thought I could ever in a million years study abroad. I went from feeling sorry for myself and being depressed for being African, poor, black, not good enough, not pretty enough to being one of the bubbliest, confident, happy people you will ever encounter. Everything changed when I started living for Him and I have been blessed beyond belief all because of my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Becoming a PA is a miracle in itself for someone like me. Even though my journey was not easy, I would not trade a single encounter for anything because my experiences helped shape my personhood.

Gabbi V.

Gabbi V., a Physician Assistant student at Marietta College

I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. I grew up playing soccer which gave me the opportunity to play at the collegiate level. During my first year, I attended Kent State and then transferred back home to Capital University. This is where I earned a Bachelor in Biology and finished my athletic career. Through injury, rehab, and recovery, I had the opportunity to see first-hand the diagnosis and treatment process. I was fascinated by how my body changed and adapted to my injuries. I believe it was these experiences that sparked my interest in medicine. One specific encounter that made a lasting impression on me was when I went to Orthopedic One for knee pain. I was treated by a Physician Assistant and I was intrigued and impressed by her level of autonomy and specialization. I also admired how she and the Physician collaborated to assess and make my treatment plan to get me back on the field. Through this and many similar experiences, I came to realize where I wanted my career in medicine to go. My most impactful patient care experience was being a Multi-Skilled Technician at Mount Carmel. Since I was in a float pool, I was exposed to various settings like the Emergency Room, ICU, and Cardiac floors. I firmly believe that my life experiences thus far whether in the classroom, on the soccer field, or at a patient's bedside, have solidified my passion to be a Physician Assistant. The blend of autonomy and collaboration with continued opportunities for lifelong learning has me excited about my future. I look forward to a career in creating meaningful relationships with my patients. I am grateful to be a part of Marietta’s Physician Assistant class of 2025!

Chelsey W.

Chelsey W., a Physician Assistant student at Marietta College

My journey in healthcare began with a deep desire to make a difference in the lives of others. During my undergraduate years, I pursued a Bachelor's degree in Biology, which provided me with a strong scientific foundation in healthcare. Simultaneously, I engaged in community service through a West Virginia homeless outreach program, where I witnessed firsthand the transformative power of healthcare in vulnerable communities. Motivated by these experiences, I continued my education, fulfilling my need for continuous learning through my Master's degree in Medical Sciences. While pursuing my Master's degree, I had the opportunity to work as a medical assistant in a pulmonary clinic, which perfectly aligned with my educational path and ignited my passion even further. This hands-on experience allowed me to witness the profound impact of healthcare on patients' lives, reinforcing my desire to become a dedicated Physician Assistant (PA). Witnessing the positive changes in patients' lives, being there for them, and providing support brought me immense joy. The opportunity to make a positive impact on their well-being was deeply fulfilling and fueled my determination to pursue a career as a PA. I am truly honored to be a part of the Marietta College Physician Assistant Program. I am excited to immerse myself in this enriching environment and contribute to the vibrant community of healthcare professionals. I am grateful for this privilege to be a part of the class of 2025!