The Dr. J. Michael Harding Center for Health and Wellness (CHW) functions as a health care clinic serving the medical needs of Marietta College students. Our goal is to provide both medical care and education that support a healthy college experience.

The center is staffed with qualified healthcare providers, including a medical doctor, a physician assistant, and a nurse. Our services include general medicine, injury and wound care, physical exams, routine gynecology, allergy shots (when coordinated with the student's current provider), travel medicine, and limited lab screenings and vaccinations. All services provided by the CHW on site are covered by student fees. However, students will be responsible for any charges not covered by the student fees (i.e., outside consultations, lab work, X-rays, prescriptions, etc.). While the health services provided on campus are very comprehensive they are not complete. At times students may require outside consultations, hospitalization, or ancillary services. Unless otherwise requested, Marietta Memorial Health Systems has agreed to perform emergency services, lab work diagnostic imaging for Marietta College students. In addition, LabCorp is contracted to provide additional lab services. Any other outside consultations required will be done per the student’s preference. We encourage any student with special or chronic health concerns to stop by the clinic so that we may be aware and more able to serve any particular need.

The center is open Monday through Friday, during the academic year. Make an appointment by calling 740.376.4477. Please bring a current health insurance card to EACH appointment. If you do not have health insurance, you may check for health insurance options. You may also speak with Lisa Scott, Coordinator at the CHW for further assistance, by appointment only. Students may visit our walk-in clinic during normal office hours. Students are seen in order based on the severity of the condition.

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