Riverview Credit Union Proudly Presents

The 2020-2021 Mid-Ohio Valley Entrepreneurship Expo

At Marietta College

Learning from Challenges: How to Adapt and Become a Resilient Business

What is MOVEE?

The Mid-Ohio Valley Entrepreneurship Expo is a co-curricular program of the Entrepreneurship Program at Marietta College that brings aspiring and existing business owners and their employees together with educators, industry experts, students, and resource providers. Participants will hear inspiring stories from successful entrepreneurs; attend a variety of workshops that provide specific tools and information on timely topics related to marketing and promotion, management, finance, accounting, insurance, and legal issues that affect businesses. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to network with other business and community leaders.


  • Bring together business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs of all demographics, backgrounds, years of education and experience.
  • Provide inspiration, information, resources, tools, and the opportunity to network.
  • Showcase the entrepreneurial activities in the Mid-Ohio Valley.
  • Instill an entrepreneurial spirit and underscore the value of this spirit in our students, community organizations, and businesses.

For more information, please email entr@marietta.edu or contact Dr. Jacqueline Khorassani at 740.376.4621.