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McDonough Award for Excellence in Leadership

This award is named after the "Mister Mac" towboat, the flagship towboat of the Marmac Corporation fleet. It's a hard-working towboat, yet it leads the pack. The award is given in honor of the late Bernard P. McDonough (1903-85), a self-made industrialist and entrepreneur who ran wide-ranging global business interests from his Marmac Corporation headquarters in Parkersburg, West Virginia. His generosity has inspired us to seek others — in the business community, in the arts world, in the public-service sector – who fit his vision of a "leader," leading the pack.


Name Organization Date

Ted Turner

Turner Broadcasting

Oct. 30, 1990

John G. McCoy



Jon Huntsman

Huntsman Chemical

Oct. 27, 1993

Story Musgrave '60


Sept. 6, 1994

Ambassador Li Zhaxoing

Former Chinese Ambassador to U.N and Deputy Foreign Minister of China of North America; Member of Central Committee

Oct. 23, 1994

William F. Patient

The Geon Company

Jan. 19, 1995

David Collins


Feb. 20, 1995

Ambassador James R. Lilley

Former U.S. Ambassador to China and Korea

April 27, 1995

Dr. Gerald A. Faverman

The Faverman Group

May 4, 1995

Nancy P. Hollister

Lieutenant Governor of Ohio

Sept. 29, 1995

Norman Augustine


Oct. 4, 1995

John B. McCoy

Chairman, BancOne

Feb. 20, 1996

Dr. Parris Chang

Member, Taiwan's Legislative Yuan; Co-Chairman, Foreign Relations Committee; Professor of Political Science and Director of the Center for East Asian Studies at Pennsylvania State University

April 4, 1996

Dr. Bernadine Healy

Dean of the College of Medicine and Internal Medicine at The Ohio State University

Sept. 17, 1996

William C. Byham

President and C.E.O., Development Dimensions International

Nov. 20, 1996

Dr. Alfred R. Bader

Chemist, businessperson, art collector

March 25, 1997

Alex Trotman

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, Ford Motor Company

Sept. 3, 1997

Howard V. Knicely, Jr. '58

Executive Vice President for Human Resources and Communication at TRW, Inc.

April 19, 1999

Christopher DeMuth

President, American Enterprise Institute

April 2000

David Angel

Founder, Information Storage Devices and Chairman, Fables Semi-Conductor Association

August 2000

William Hartel, Ph.D.

Professor of History, Marietta College

Oct. 12, 2000

Steven D. Blume

Professor of English and Leadership, Marietta College

Oct. 14, 2000

Herbert Kelleher

Southwest Airlines

Oct. 25, 2000

Tami Longaberger

President and CEO of The Longaberger Company

March 15, 2001

David A. Brandon

Chairman and CEO of Domino's Pizza LLC

June 2002

James T. Wakley

President and Chairman, Bernard McDonough Foundation

Oct. 24, 2002

Dr. Stephen W. Schwartz

Dean of McDonough and Student Life, Marietta College

May 10, 2003

Jack Faris

President, National Federation of Independent Business


Ted Kennedy Jr.

President of the Marwood Group

Nov. 17, 2004

Steve Forbes

CEO and Publisher, Forbes, Inc.

Feb. 20, 2007

Anousheh Ansari

Co-founder and chairman of Prodea Systems

Nov. 15, 2010

Dr. Leonard Randolph, Sr. '65

Divisional Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer at Mercy Health

May 13, 2012

Robert Rubin

Former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury

April 10, 2013

Brian Moynihan

Bank of America CEO

March 24, 2015

James Luce

Founder of James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation

March 27, 2015