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E.g., 6/27/18

Marietta College education professors to speak in Phoenix

March 1, 2005
Two Marietta College Education Professors — Dr. Dottie Erb and Dr. Connie Golden — have been invited to speak at the Society for Information Technology in Teacher Education Conference in Phoenix on March 2. Both professors are regular presenters at state and national conferences dealing with the integration of technology into teacher’s...
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Marietta College’s faculty present at Latin American conference

February 28, 2005
Marietta College will be well represented at an Ohio Latinamericanist Conference on Friday, March 4, at the Fawcett Center on the campus of The Ohio State University. Six Marietta College faculty are participating.
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Marietta College’s tsunami donation makes a difference for 25 families

February 24, 2005
It was a small gesture, but one that made a big impression. Marietta College’s students, faculty and staff donated $2,500 during a special tsunami disaster relief fund conducted on campus in January. Now the money is making a difference in the lives of 25 families impacted by the natural disaster in December that took more than 225,000 lives...
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MC Professor’s work presented in National Leadership conference

February 23, 2005
Marietta College’s Dr. Daniel Huck, an assistant professor in the McDonough Center for Leadership and Business, made a presentation at the inaugural Leadership Educators Institute (LEI) conference in Greensboro, N.C., recently. The LEI, which was held Dec. 9-11, was formed to bring together more than 350 leadership professionals to discuss...
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Art students develop project to commemorate Marietta’s floods

February 21, 2005
Flooding that hit the Mid-Ohio Valley in September and again in January affected many of the students, faculty and staff at Marietta College. In remembrance of the events that took place, Kappa Pi, the art honorary at Marietta College has conceived a project that will illustrate the feelings and emotions of the devastating floods.
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