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Estimated tuition, fees and program costs for the Physician Assistant Program for Marietta College:

  • Summer Session: $5,600
  • Didactic Phase - Semesters one and two: $44,400
  • Clinical Phase - Semesters one and two: $45,000

The above listed fees are based upon the latest estimates available for the Class of 2026 (program years 2024–2026).  They do not include living expenses, stethoscope, drug testing, health insurance, immunizations, books or computer costs. Malpractice insurance is procured by the Program for all PA students and annually added to their tuition. All students are required to carry major medical health insurance and proof of coverage is required upon matriculation into the Program.

Estimation of "complete" student budget for the Class of 2026.

PA Program Scholarships and Grant Opportunities

Paul Spear Appalachia Scholarship

Two students per cohort will be selected to receive the Paul Spear Appalachia Scholarship. The scholarship is based on the applicant’s desire to provide healthcare in the Southeastern Ohio and/or Appalachia area and financial need. The award covers half of the tuition for both the didactic and clinical phases of the program as long as the student maintains a 3.0 GPA throughout the program. In repayment of the scholarship, the student commits to a one-for-one service agreement to practice in the Southeastern Ohio and/or Appalachia area for each year of the scholarship award (2-year maximum). Recipients are announced at the end of the summer semester.

Paul Spear Appalachia Scholarship Application

Dr. Gloria J. Stewart PA Scholarship

This scholarship was created by alumni, faculty and staff in recognition of Dr. Gloria Stewart’s service and commitment to Marietta College as the founding program director from 2001-2007 and again from 2008-2013. This scholarship is open to all enrolled didactic physician assistant students preparing to enter their clinical phase of study. Students are provided scholarship information and details on submission from the program during their didactic phase and with the one (1) recipient announced prior to the start of the clinical phase.  

  • Demonstrated financial need by having completed the FAFSA.     
  • From an economically disadvantaged background and community.   
  • 1st generation college student.     
  • 1st generation health care provider.    
  • Non-traditional student (gap of at least five years between completing an undergraduate degree and beginning an advanced degree to further their current employment or train for a new career).
  • Currently care for dependents.  

All applicants should have also demonstrated the following involvement in the PA Program during their didactic phase:

  • Professional demeanor with outgoing and positive attitude
  • Respectful interactions with faculty, staff, and other students
  • Team-based mind set shown by willingness to help others and participation in MC PASS, program events, and the local community. (EX. PASS officer, program open houses, interview days, events, community projects, etc.)

A selection committee consisting of one member from the Office of Advancement and any combination of physician assistant faculty, staff, alumni, and members of the Marietta College academic community will be chaired by the program director. The committee will review each prospective recipient’s application and select a student who they feel most closely meets the above suggested criteria.

Dr. Steve Spilatro Scholarship

The Dr. Steve Spilatro Endowed Scholarship will be given annually to an MC undergraduate alumnus/a entering the PA Program as determined by the Financial Aid Office and based on financial need. The inaugural scholarship was awarded with the Class of 2025 and will be awarded to every other cohort or odd graduation years so the scholarship follows the student throughout their entire training. The next cohort to be awarded is the graduating class of 2027.

Choose Ohio First Scholarship

Started in 2008 as a way to increase the number of Ohio students entering into and successfully completing science, technology, engineering, math or medicine (STEMM) majors at Ohio’s public and private colleges and universities.

To be considered for the Choose Ohio First Scholarship, a student must:  

  • Be a resident of the State of Ohio
  • Be admitted to Marietta College as a full-time student
  • Show evidence of strong academic achievement with a 3.0 cumulative GPA in high school or college work
  • Present a two-page essay explaining career goals and professional aspirations as well as how the Choose Ohio First Scholarship will enable them to successfully work towards a STEM-related major or degree
  • Submit the Choose Ohio First Application form.

The deadline to submit an application is June 1st. 

Please submit completed applications via email, mail or fax to the Student Financial Services Office. 
Address: Student Financial Services Office, 215 5th St., Marietta, OH 45750 
Fax: 740-376-4990

The Choose Ohio First Scholarship is renewable as long as the student maintains a 3.0 GPA. The annual amount is unchanged but is paid in the fall and spring semesters.

Financial Aid

College financial aid is administered by the Marietta College Financial Aid Office. Financial aid questions should be directed to the Office of Financial Aid, Marietta College, 215 Fifth Street, Marietta, OH 45750-9982, 1.800.331.2709.

Refunds for Withdrawals

The College may provide a partial refund only when the student receives written consent to withdraw or take a leave of absence from the Provost and the withdrawal or leave of absence takes place during the first five weeks of classes for the semester.

The date of withdrawal or leave of absence determines the proportion of tuition and student fees refunded: during the first week of the semester, 90 percent; second week, 80 percent; third week, 70 percent; fourth week, 60 percent; fifth week, 50 percent. The College will offer no refund after the fifth week of classes.