Whether you're planning a simple breakfast or an upscale executive luncheon, here you will find our most popular menu selections. These selections are only a starting point. We pride ourselves in creating custom menus to meet any need with style and creativity, assuring the success of your event.

This system is here to make your ordering requests as easy as possible. If our online ordering guide seems to be missing something, please let us know. Our desire is to serve you a truly memorable meal made from fresh, high-quality foods, prepared from scratch with authentic ingredients. We will be happy to assist you at any time with placing an order. Simply contact Jason Legraen and he will walk you through the online process. Or, hit the Catertrax button above to access the online ordering system.

We look forward to making your event, a special event!

Catering Policies

Thank you for choosing Parkhurst Dining at Marietta College to cater your next event!

Below you will find our updated catering polices. These guidelines will help us better serve you during the planning process.


The catering office is open to accept orders through our Director of Catering, Jason Legraen. Arrangements can be made through email to JL019@marietta.edu, or by phone to our catering office at 740-376-4434.

When arranging for catered services, we ask that you plan as far in advance as possible. Our preference is that you contact our Catering Department at least two (2) weeks prior to the event. The Catering Department will make every effort to satisfy your requests for functions booked less than one (1) week prior to the event date, although some services may not be available for short notice catering. A 15% late fee is charged for any function booked three (3) business days prior to your event.


  • Theme, or reason for your event.
  • Special layout needs (reserved seating, table/chair rental, audio/visual).
  • Weather – is an alternate site required due to rain?
  • Premium Disposable, Eco-Friendly Disposable, China service? (China may not be available for all events due to location restrictions. Additional fees for use of China may apply)
  • Style of service (i.e., served, buffet, carry out, delivery).
  • Program details – awards ceremonies, speakers, etc.
  • Floral arrangements and centerpieces?
  • Budget parameters?
  • Special dietary considerations? (Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, etc.)
  • Form of payment (i.e., budget number, direct billing, cash, credit card).


The client is responsible for the setup of any tables, chairs, or equipment needed for your event. Please submit all of your setup needs through the proper channels at the beginning of your planning process. If you require any special room layout or design, tables or chairs, screens, Power Point, DVD or CD players, please place your work order as soon as possible so that Facilities and IT can accommodate your needs. If you need assistance, Parkhurst dining will be happy to refer you to the proper department. Non-college related events held off campus may require additional setup by the client. Please contact the catering director for more details.


Linens for any Marietta College-related event, or event held on campus will be included in your final price. Additional charges may occur for any linens needed for non-food related tables, or special order linens.

For any non-college related event held off campus, linens will be included for buffet tables only.


Served – All courses are served at your table. Depending on the time constraints of your event, the salad and/or dessert courses can be pre-set. Pricing is based on a single-menu entrée selection.

Buffet – This style of service offers a variety of menu choices. Quantities of food prepared will adequately serve the number of guaranteed guests. This, however, does not imply all-you-can-eat. Buffets for less than 25 people may incur an additional charge. A buffet is suggested when the following may occur: guests arriving at different times; physical layout of the room; mixed crowd requiring a varied menu; lack of facilities to serve formally; or a more informal style of event.

Delivery setup/pickup – Deliveries made on campus with a setup required. Please be sure to order adequate tables from Facilities for food and beverage service and have them set up at least three (3) hours before the event is to begin. If you need the event picked up promptly at the ending time, please be sure to indicate that when you arrange for catering service. A delivery fee will be added to any order under $50.00. Delivery times are available from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Any delivery before or after these times may incur an additional charge dependent on time, guest count and location. Pricing includes the pickup of all equipment. All equipment is the sole property of Dining Services and must be secured by the customer until picked up by our staff. Any equipment not returned or returned damaged will be charged full replacement cost.

Delivery drop-off – Deliveries made on campus with no setup required, as well as no return pickup/cleanup. A delivery fee will be added to any order under $50.00. Delivery times are available between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Any delivery before or after these times may incur an additional charge dependent on time, guest count and location.

Pickup service – Carry-out service can be arranged for items you may wish to pick up from Dining Services. You are responsible for the prompt return of any equipment that has been used at your event. Your account will be charged for any equipment that has been damaged or is not returned within two (2) business days from the date of your event.


Most meals include the price of appropriate wait staff. If an attendant is requested for an event not requiring normal wait staff services:

Server/Attendant/Bartender– 25.00 per hour – 4 hour min.
Chef – 27.50 per hour – 4 hour min.

Attendant/chef charges will require one hour for setup and one hour for cleanup beyond the scheduled time of the event. This is in addition to the charges listed above.


We reserve the right to adjust or change pricing from that printed based on location, seasonal availability and current market price of products found on our Catertrax Website. Once your contract is approved, your prices are guaranteed. Sales tax will be added to the bill for all

Non-Marietta College events unless proof of exemption is provided.


For student activities that require a student to be off campus or away from the dining hall for a meal, Parkhurst offers pack outs or boxed lunches for a discounted rate of $6 per meal (when the meal plan is in effect). Any off-campus meals will be bulk packed in coolers for food safety. Boxed lunches are available for on campus events. Pickup only.

Please submit all pack out orders to the catering department a minimum of 7 days prior to the pickup date.

Meal swipe credits from student meal plans may be used to cover the cost of the pack out. (Limit of 1 meal swipe per student per meal) Student ID numbers must be submitted 2 days before the day of the pack out. If student ID numbers are not provided before the date of the order, the department or organization will be charged.

FINAL GUARANTEE - Suggested Policies

At the time of booking, we will email you a copy of the event sheet for your final approval. We ask that you confirm the event sheet through Catertrax to verify that you approve the final menu and pricing. The expected count that you give us should be as accurate as possible. The Catering Department will plan, purchase and invoice for all the guests that you indicate will attend. A final guaranteed number must be given to the Dining Services Catering Office no later than 72 hours (3 business days) prior to the event (Wednesday in the case of a Monday event).  If the number of guests served at your event is greater than the original confirmed number, your final invoice will reflect the actual number of guests served (but no less than the confirmed number).

If no final count is obtained, we will prepare and charge for the original number of guests. Cancellations up to four (4) days prior to the event are without charge. After three (3) days but prior to the day of the event, the charge will be 25% of the cost of the event. Same day cancellations will result in a full charge of the entire event.


At the time your order is placed, we will need your budget number so that we can start processing your event. Students placing catering orders will need an adviser with an account number before an order can be placed.

Non-College events held off campus may require an advance deposit. A service fee may be charged to an event not sponsored by Marietta College.


Parkhurst Dining at Marietta College takes exceptional care to follow recommended proper food handling procedures in the best interests of our clients and guests to help reduce the risk of foodborne illness. As such, we have certain service guidelines designed to help us maintain this high level of food safety practice. These guidelines include not serving or making available for service any food or beverage that was not produced or supplied by Marietta College Dining or one of our approved vendors; adhering to time limits that food may be held safely for service; limiting the service of certain foods to certain locations and conditions under which food safety guidelines can be upheld; and keeping customers from removing perishable foods from functions for later consumption. These and other guidelines have been put in place to help protect you and the College from the risks of foodborne illness.


Please discuss the service of alcoholic beverages with our Catering Director to ensure compliance with College policies.


The Catering Department reserves the right to substitute items based on product availability. We will make every attempt to inform you of this change as far in advance as possible. Please discuss with the Catering Director any special dietary requirements. In case of inclement weather, please discuss a secondary plan to insure the success of your event.