David Brown

Ph.D.-Cell Biology, Duke University (1995); MS-Microbiology, Ohio University (1990); BS-Chemistry, Ohio University (1988)
Year Appointed
Courses - Fall
  • Toxicology
  • Toxicology Lab
Courses - Spring
  • Genetics
  • Research Methods
  • Molecular Biology Lab


Research Interests
Environmental toxicology with a focus on exposure to metals. However, I have worked with students on research projects that have covered a wide range of topics in toxicology.

Recent Publications
Haynes, E., Ryan, P., Chen, A., Brown, D., Roda, S., Kuhnell, P., Wittberg, D., Terrell, M., and Reponen, T. (2012) Assessment of Personal Exposure to Manganese in Children Living Near a Ferromanganese Refinery. Science of the Total Environment 427-428: 19-25.

Brown, D.J., Orelien, J., Gordon, J.D., Chu, A.C., Chu, M.D., Nakamura, M., Handa, H., Kayama, F, Denison, M.S and Clark, G.C. (2007) Mathematical Model Developed for Environmental Samples: Prediction of GC/MS Dioxin TEQ from XDS-CALUX Bioassay Data. Environmental Science and Technology 41: 4354-4360.