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Associate Dean of Students and Director of Diversity and Inclusion
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Andrews 105
BS-Organizational Communication Studies, Ohio University (2006); M.Ed.-Higher Education Administration, Ohio University (2007); M.Ed.-Clinical Mental Health and Rehabilitation Counseling, Ohio University (2009); ABD-Ohio University, Counselor Education
Year Appointed

Tony Mayle Jr. has taught and co-taught at Ohio University, Hocking College, and Zane State College, and he is now the Associate Dean of Students and Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Marietta College. His teaching background includes Child and Family Studies, Clinical Mental Health, Rehabilitation, and Addictions Counseling, as well as Diversity Awareness classes. He says his ultimate goal is to "always give back, never forget where he came from, and always offer a hand and heart up, to live life in an empathetic way.”

Tony has also been involved in local and regional diversity efforts in the past and present. He has also presented at conferences throughout the country on the topic of diversity and inclusion of all populations. Tony has also been interviewed for the Southeast Ohio magazine on the topic of the Southeast Ohio Underground Railroad connection to the local families. He has also served as a panel member with the International Storytelling Center/Freedom Stories Project discussing the topic of Melungeons and the criminalization of Race. Tony also has a background in delivering Unconscious Bias Awareness training in the workplace.

Tony still resides in Morgan County and is actively involved in non-profit organizations, such as the Multicultural Genealogical Center of Chesterhill (Morgan County) and the Nelson T. Gant Foundation of Muskingum County. Mayle continues to support the work of Marietta, Ohio, public historian Henry Burke by inspiring and celebrating diversity and multicultural history throughout Southeast Ohio. Mayle spreads knowledge he has gained from the elders and his own personal experiences by assisting as a guide, holding community lecturers and discussions, mentoring, and writing to educate the masses on African American culture and heritage. He does all this with the goal of working to create an environment of equality and significance of life, aimed at liberating minds.