PIO 101 and PIO 102 are classes for first-year students only! They are designed to help students make connections with faculty and students, and to provide equip them for success at Marietta College.

The 2-credit hour PIO 101 is a theme-based course, with classes ranging on topics as diverse from "Think Like a Scientist” to "Bringing Saxy Back." All courses are united by their investment in critical thinking and reading, and in helping students develop information literacy skills. These are critical for all Marietta College courses, and PIO 101 is therefore foundational for your academic success. In PIO 101 you will learn to:

  • Pose appropriate questions that will help you and others develop a deeper understanding of course content
  • Demonstrate your ability to engage in respectful, thoughtful academic-level discussions
  • Recognize primary, secondary, tertiary and peer-reviewed sources
  • Recognize types of sources (conference proceedings, newspaper articles, journal articles, books, anthologies)
  • Evaluate sources for credibility, relevance, accuracy, etc.
  • Understand plagiarism and academic dishonesty policies

The 1-credit PIO 102 course, "Engagement and Success," fosters your engagement in academics, campus and community, and self-discovery. It connects you with resources across campus, helps you build meaningful relationships with people of different backgrounds, and provides just-in-time help in developing the interpersonal and academic skills that will empower you at Marietta College and beyond.