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Marietta College provides Multi-Stream Recycling on Campus. It is asked that students take the time to place the appropriate items in the corresponding sections. It is very important to keep these items separated to avoid cross contamination. It is also important that beverage bottles are empty and lids removed.

The 3 Multi-Stream Categories

  1. Miscellaneous paper/office paper:

    • printed paper
    • copy paper
    • magazines
    • brochures
    • lightweight cardboard (as found as magazine inserts)
    • lightweight, glue bound publications

    This does not include:

    • newspaper
    • bound books (any book spine thicker than your fingernail)
    • any food packaging that has been in direct contact with food
    • used paper plates and napkins
  2. Newspaper, Cardboard/packing materials, and Bound books
    • keep cardboard boxes containing packing materials intact for easier transport of packaging materials to Marietta College's recycling staging location
    • break down empty boxes (no random crushing)
    • Bound books includes any publication with a spine thicker than your thumbnail, spiral bound notebooks, and three ring binders
  3. Plastic/Aluminum, Bottles/Cans
    • empty containers only
    • remove bottle caps for post processing shipping

Recycling Locations

  • Parking area behind the Arts & Humanities House
  • Parking area behind Russell Hall
  • In the trash rooms in Harrison Hall and McCoy Hall
  • Fenced in area behind Fayerweather Hall