Are you a current student or graduate that wants to run the Marietta College Snapchat? Want to give our followers a look into what it's like to be a Pioneer? This is your chance.

Current Students:

Tell your story. Apply for an opportunity to take over the Marietta College Snapchat for a day. If you are selected, you can control our Snapchat account and use of our Snapchat Spectacles. Tell your visual story about classes, clubs, friends, events and general student life on campus! Fill out the following information to apply.


Show our followers where a degree from Marietta College led you. If you are selected, you can take over our Snapchat account. You will have the opportunity to tell your visual story about your life after graduation, where you are now, your favorite things about Marietta College, what you learned as a student and so much more! If you think you're the right Pioneer for the job, fill out the following information to apply.


Would you be interested in hosting a Takeover Tuesday?
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