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Students have many opportunities to gain experience across media platforms, even as freshmen. In the McKinney Media Center, students work in a collaborative environment and learn the newest techniques in reporting and producing news and programming. is an online newspaper covering news and events at Marietta College and in the community. The newspaper gives students an opportunity to prepare and produce multimedia news in collaboration with the other campus news organizations.

WMRT-FM 88.3 is a 9,200-watt student-run station, with a range of 30 miles, which broadcasts classical music, jazz and show tunes, as well as national, regional, state and local news, weather and sports -- including play-by-play of Marietta College sports and student-oriented talk shows.

WCMO-FM 98.5 is a 10-watt station that broadcasts contemporary music and local events throughout the campus and within a six-mile radius of the City of Marietta. Nearly all of the programming is live and student-driven.

WCMO-TV (Suddenlink Channel 15) is an on-campus TV station that broadcasts student-produced news, sports and public affairs programs to 12,000 households. The TV facilities include a large main studio, master control, field production equipment and Final Cut Pro editing systems (similar to the systems used by CNN and ESPN).

For more information, please contact Joyce Pennington, the Communication Department Administrative Assistant contact, 740.376.4802,