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Haley Morgan sitting on a table

Haley Morgan ’22

Degree: BS-Neuroscience (Marietta)
Future: Medical School
Hometown: Athens, Ohio

Haley Morgan ’22 plans to go to medical school after she graduates from Marietta College. She believes majoring in Neuroscience provides her the best chance to reach her goal.

I have such great relationships with my professors. I have been asking for letters of recommendations and it has been easy since I know my professors so well.

- Haley Morgan ’22, Neuroscience student

“I like that I get most of the pre-requisites that I need for medical school, but I also get a lot of Psychology courses,” she says. “It’s a really good fit for someone who likes the psychology aspect, but you don’t want to stick with just psychology. Neuroscience is a good mixture of a Pre-Med and the Psychology.”

Haley is focused on going to Ohio University’s Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, and she also believes the valuable experience she gained as a summer intern at Gateway Community Service Board in Savannah, Georgia, will also help her get accepted.

“I did all of the intake, and I want to be a psychiatrist, so being able to shadow a psychiatrist during the internship was an unbelievable experience,” she says. “Having that experience and working with all types of patients really showed me that this is really what I want to do. I enjoyed every minute of it. I didn’t want to leave. I loved working there.”

The internship also gave her a chance to experience what it was like to work at a behavioral health center that is basically an emergency room for patients with mental health and substance abuse issues.

To top it off, Haley is conducting undergraduate research with a faculty member, Dr. Charles Doan.

“I am getting great one-on-one interactions and feedback from Dr. Doan,” Haley says. “I also appreciate that in my Biology classes that I’m able to talk to Dr. (Lynn) Bostrom and she has been very helpful with class, but also when I have questions about medical school. This is what makes Marietta so amazing, that you can speak with your professors about almost anything.”

Even though her parents, Michele Tuten ’93 and James Morgan ’93, are Marietta College alumni, Haley wasn’t convinced she wanted to be a Pioneer until she visited campus.

“I knew the class sizes were very small, and then I came on a formal tour and loved it. Now, looking back … I have such great relationships with my professors. I have been asking for letters of recommendations and it has been easy since I know my professors so well,” Haley says. “Throughout my years at Marietta, it has been an amazing collection of these experiences.”

And she feels ready for the challenges that await her.

“I know it’s going to be very competitive getting into medical school,” Haley says. “But I believe my time at Marietta has prepared me well. I took a class at Ohio University over the summer and it seemed so much easier than my classes at Marietta. There’s a stark difference. My classes here are very challenging and the professors at Marietta demand a lot from us academically, but at the same time they are very fair.”

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