The policy outlines how Marietta College grants and scholarships are awarded when a student chooses to participate in an off-campus study program.  The policy applies to domestic and international off-campus study. This policy will become effective for the fall semester 2016.


  1. The student will provide the Office of Student Financial Services with the following items:
    1. Completed Study Abroad Application
    2. Itemized cost sheet from the program provider which details specific costs for tuition, fees, room and board, travel, and miscellaneous items if applicable.
  2. The Office Assistant will prepare the Consortium/Contractual Agreement between Marietta College and the provider and email the document to the provider for signature.
  3. When the signed agreement has been received, the student’s financial aid package will be adjusted following the policy. Federal and state financial aid will be adjusted based on the program cost of attendance in accordance with all federal regulations and state guidelines.
  4. A new estimated award letter will be mailed to the student’s home address and campus mailbox.
  5. Students must be prepared to pay upfront charges on their own for items such as program deposit, transportation, passport, visa and immunizations.
  6. The program provider will send an invoice to the Student Accounts Office.  The Office of Student Financial Services will compare the invoiced costs with the estimated award, and any adjustments will be made based on the actual costs.
  7. Once the student is at the destination and attending classes, the program provider will confirm attendance and then aid will be disbursed.  PLEASE NOTE: arrival into the host country or attendance at orientation programming will not disburse your financial aid. The aid disbursement is based on attendance to classes.


Students may receive up to 50 percent of their Marietta College grants and scholarships awarded for the semester to apply towards the cost of tuition for the off-campus program.    There will be an off-campus fee of $1,000 charged to the student bill for the semester of the off-campus program to cover processing fees which include coordination of consortium/contractual agreements, invoicing, transcription of grades and other services for off-campus study. The summer term off-campus fee will be $250.00. Federal and state financial aid will be prorated based on the adjusted cost of attendance and can be applied to the remaining tuition costs and/or programmatic costs.

Download the Study Abroad Policy and Procedure