Please make sure you understand the summer drop policy presented below. Questions or concerns? Contact Tina.

Tina Hickman, Registrar
Marietta College
Irvine Building
215 Fifth Street
Marietta, OH 45750   
Phone: 740.376.4740
Fax: 740.376.4729

The beginning and ending dates of your course(s) will correspond with one three summer sessions. Click here for more information about sessions and tuition.


Dropping Classes: You must officially drop or withdraw from a course by filling out a form at the Records Office or, if you are not on campus, by emailing the Records Office at If you drop the course after it begins, please email the instructor also. Do not assume that you are automatically dropped from the course if you never start it or do not pay for it! Be aware that the instructor cannot withdraw you from a course, even if you notify him/her that you are dropping it.

Because summer courses are so condensed, it is vital that you pay attention to the withdrawal and refund deadlines. For some courses, one day equates to one week during the regular semester. Therefore, you may have only one or two days to drop the course without a “W” grade or to get a large percentage of your tuition refund. Please note that full refunds are given only if the course is dropped before the start date. Once the course begins, refunds will be prorated according to the schedule given in the link above.