Transfer Credits

Marietta students who wish to take courses elsewhere for possible transfer of credit to Marietta College should secure advanced approval through the Records Office.

Credit will be allowed for courses equivalent to or similar to those offered by Marietta College and completed with a grade of “C” or better, although transfer credit from non-accredited institutions is not guaranteed. The credit hours transferred in will be shown as transfer credits on the student’s Marietta College transcript and can be used to satisfy the credit hour requirement for graduation, but the grades earned for transferred courses are not included in computing the student’s cumulative grade point average for the Marietta College degree. Transfer hours do not count as hours “in residence” except when part of an approved off-campus study program. Students planning to transfer in credits are reminded of the College’s Residency Requirement for graduation.

Credit hours transferred in from an institution following a “quarter” or a “unit” program will be pro-rated to “semester” hours. Details can be obtained from the Records Office.

Articulation Agreement

Marietta College has an Articulation Agreement with Washington State Community College. For further details of the agreement, please click here. Remember that courses and titles do change, so check with the Marietta College Records Office to verify that the names and numbers remain correct for particular courses. The Records Office is the authoritative source on questions of transfer credit.