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In 2009, Marietta’s Department of Communication won the Rex Mix Program of Excellence award from the Undergraduate College and University Section of the National Communication Association. We continue the tradition of excellence today!

Our Department’s Vision is to be the most dynamic, innovative, and inclusive collegiate learning environment, engaging diverse students and communities in the creation and practice of effective communication that changes the world.

Marietta’s Communication faculty are scholars and professional practitioners of communication, work as consultants, broadcast journalists, and trainers. We aim to mentor our students also to blend theory, research and practice. Students have repeatedly recognized our communication faculty for their teaching and advising through opportunities like our Internships, Communication Resource Center and Student Organizations.

Communication is part of the rich history of Marietta College. In 1835, when the college was first founded, every student gave a speech at commencement. We carry that tradition today with The Jewett Competition, selecting two graduating seniors to deliver their winning orations at their graduation ceremony.

Every student at Marietta College will take Fundamentals of Communication to provide a foundation for public speaking, group work, research and argumentation. It is not surprising that the National Survey of Student Engagement found Marietta College seniors to be amongst the most experienced presenters of all graduating seniors surveyed.

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