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We are proud to count visionary CEOs and scientists; famous authors and actors; a Pulitzer Prize winner, an astronaut, professional athletes; and a past U.S. Vice President among those with Marietta College degrees.

Our graduates include:

Amy Kaufman Avery 2014, Anchor for WAVY-TV

Katherine Moriarty Bailey 2005, Executive Vice President, CFO and Treasurer of Peoples Bank

Susan MacKenty Brady 1994, CEO, The Simmons University Institute for Inclusive Leadership

Kathy Brodsky 1967, American Author and Poet

Danielle Cisler 2005, Principal Consultant with INSIGHT2PROFIT

Charles Gates Dawes 1884, U.S. Vice President, Nobel Peace Prize Recipient, and U.S. Ambassador

Matt DeSalvo 2003, Former Major League Baseball pitcher

Jan Dils 1990, Founder of Jan Dils Attorneys at Law

Robert Dyson 1968, Chairman/CEO of Dyson-Kissner-Morgan Corp.

Nick Gehlfuss 2007, Actor

Amy Giannotti 1995, Environmental Scientist

Carte Goodwin 1996, U.S. Senator from West Virginia

Bart Gullong 1970, Co-founder of Z-Medica Corp.

Anita Gupta 1986, Co-founder of Kiwi Tech

Dean Hess 1941, Clergyman, Soldier, Humanitarian

William Irwin 1848, 13th Governor of California

Ban Johnson 1887, Founder of baseball's American League

Gary Kott 1969, Award-winning television and advertising writer, and an American Folk Artist

Brittany Metcalf 2013, Advisory Solution Consultant

Michael Moffitt 1991, Law Professor at the University of Oregon

Terry Mulholland 1985, Former Major League Baseball pitcher

F. Story Musgrave 1960, Retired NASA Astronaut and Shuttle Pilot

Elsie Eaton Newton 1893, first Dean of Women at Marietta, daughter of John Eaton Jr.

C. William O'Neill 1938, 59th Governor of Ohio

Kevin O'Neill 1987, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Acertitude

Andrea Parhamovich 2000, National Democratic Institute employee killed in Baghdad, Iraq, on January 17, 2007

Paula Pitasky 1996, President of Ecompass Marketing

Jason Rebrook 1996, CEO of Harvest Midstream/CEO of JDH Capital Co.

Ben Reese 2013, Senior Associate Attorney at Flannery Georgalis Inc.

Lindsey Romick 2007, Director of the NRM-based Metabolomics Core Facilty (University of Cincinnati)

Mike Salvino 1987, President and CEO DXC Technology

Wilbur Schramm 1928, Founding Father of the Communication Studies Discipline

Leah Seaman 2021, Artist/Entrepreneur

John Strotbeck Jr. 1979, Former U.S. Olympic Rower and owner of Boathouse Sports

Kent Tekulve 1969, Former Major League Baseball pitcher

Mike Templeman 2000, Foreign Service Officer, U.S. Department of State

Jim Tracy 1978, Former Major League Baseball manager 

Chad Walker 2010, Head Athletic Trainer for the NHL's Anaheim Ducks

Willard Warner 1845, U.S. Senator from Alabama

Joseph Webb 2007, Vice President at St. Norbert College

Albert B. White 1878, 11th Governor of West Virginia

Joy Williams 1963, an American novelist, short story writer, and essayist

Joseph G. Wilson 1846, U.S. Congressman from Oregon

Ashley Wollam 2008, Leadership Coach/Consultant 

Megs Schreck Yunn 2006, Founder/Director of Beverly's Birthdays, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

To learn about more outstanding Pioneers honored by Marietta College, visit our Alumni Awards page.