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Danielle Cisler an Alumna of Marietta College

AlumnA Q&A: Danielle Cisler ’05

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
Master of Arts in Quantitative Psychology (University of Notre Dame)
Master of Business Administration (The Ohio State University, Fisher College of Business)

Job title: Director, Consulting

Can you tell us how you arrived at your current job with INSIGHT2PROFIT?
Prior to INSIGHT, I worked in a variety of analytical and pricing roles at Simonton Windows, but had an interest in consulting. When INSIGHT discovered me on LinkedIn, it was a perfect fit! I could transfer my analytics and industry knowledge and learn how to become a consultant.

Why did you choose to go to Marietta College?
Early in my senior year of high school, I was convinced I was off to Ohio State and almost took early acceptance. It just never felt right. Growing up in southeast Ohio, I had spent time on campus for district science fairs and other activities and it felt more like home.

How did your Marietta College experience help play a role in what you’re doing today?
From my Marietta experience and watching my cohort advance in their careers, I strongly believe the impact that a liberal-arts based education provides. The breadth of courses and people I encountered serve me well today as I interact with my clients. I also remember an alumni panel speaker during freshman orientation who said, “Marietta taught me how to weed out what is important and what is not (when confronted with an abundance of information). THIS IS CRITICAL in my career. 

The number one thing Marietta helped me with is finding myself as a leader. I was involved with Greek Life, CUB, Student Senate Appropriations, Math Club and many others. Learning to lead peers helped prepare for my first time as a manager.

Can you also talk about how Marietta College prepared you for graduate school?
The level of value that my peers placed on their work and my own had me ready for the amount of work and to dive right into my research. Having papers for most classes, doing true research for my capstone and presenting my work frequently was a great replica for the work that I did at Notre Dame. Being pushed by my peers, along with giving and taking feedback, prepared me to stand up and propose/defend my thesis.

Who was your favorite professor at Marietta and why?
Dr. John Tynan, Mathematics. If you aren’t aware, John tells a joke before every class. My very first class was with John and I think I had him for seven or eight semesters, so needless to say by the end, I knew all of them. But he doesn’t rise to the top based on the number of classes I took. In addition to being patient, supportive and challenging with our work, John and his family supported our out-of-class endeavors as well! I am happy to say that I am still in touch with him today. If you want to hear some of my favorite jokes, ask him about Superman, Bang-ity Bang Bang or the Triplets.

What do you like most about being a Director at INSIGHT2PROFIT?
INSIGHT is unique in our consulting approach where our No. 1 focus is driving impact, so we not only do strategy work, but help with implementation and measurement as well. We strive to become partners and virtual teammates with our clients to help them achieve their goals. We also believe in impacting our internal team members. With the opportunities at INSIGHT, individuals have the opportunity to grow fast and thus, the organization grows with them. As a leader in the organization, I not only get to foster talent, but watch them grow, develop into leaders for our team and our clients. 

Best piece of advice for future students?
Get Involved! Marietta has so much to offer, so go try new things until you find the piece of Marietta that is right for you! It took me about a semester and a half to jump in and it is my only Marietta regret. Through both academics and extracurriculars, I met the people that I call my best friends today. My Chi Omega sisters, fellow math majors and many others are in touch and there for one another more than 10 years later. 

What is your ultimate long-term goal?
Ideally, I will be in a senior business leader role within manufacturing or distribution, likely in a commercial role; I can’t say what that is or what that looks like today. I have learned that careers are jungle gyms and it is about being open to the right opportunities when they are presented. However, I am enjoying myself and have the opportunity to develop my skills in my current role that I don’t see myself leaving INSIGHT2PROFIT anytime soon.