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Early May at Marietta College is always a time of celebration.

On Sunday, May 6, the College will bid farewell to the Class of 2018, and on Wednesday, May 9, the festivities will continue with the Employee Service Award and Retirement Recognition Ceremony at 11 a.m. in the Hermann Fine Arts Foyer.

President Bill Ruud is pleased to honor employees who are being recognized for milestone years of service — starting at five years and continuing in five-year increments. Those being recognized for their service to the College have combined for 360 years. If you add in the one retiree — Janie Rees-Miller — it rises to 382 years.

Two employees — Barb Binegar (Library) and Steve Spilatro (Biology & Environmental Science) — are celebrating 30 years of employment at Marietta. Only one employee — Ryan Zundell (Communication & Brand Management) is celebrating 20 years.

Also, being honored on May 9 are:

15-year awards: Raymond Baker (Physical Plant), Dawn Carusi (Communication), David Jeffery (Petroleum Engineering & Geology), Cathy Mowrer (Education), Tom Perry (Communication & Brand Management) and Natalie Wood (Student Life).

10-year awards: Wendy Bartlett (Petroleum Engineering & Geology), Ann Bragg (Physics), Amanda Cech (Academic Resource Center), Lori Hart (Academic Resource Center), Larry Hiser (Athletics), Hilles Hughes (Career Center), Nicole Livengood (English), Katy Lustofin (Biology & Environmental Science), Alane Sanders (Communication), Bob VanCamp (Information Systems) and Jim Weaver (College Police).

5-year awards: Tracy Blasius (Athletics), Joe Bergin (Athletics), Lynn Bostrom (Biology & Environmental Science), Jeanne Catalano (Library), Debra Curfman (Physical Plant), Alan Estep (Athletics), Keira Hambrick (Academic Resource Center), Brad Hemmerly (Athletics), Dave Hesson (Physical Plant), Dash McNeal (Athletics), Gail Milone (Records), Nick Sales (Athletics), Maribeth Saleem-Tanner (Civic Engagement), Melissa Tornes (Physical Plant), Andy Waddle (Athletics) and Debbie Wayland (Human Resources).