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Dave McShaffrey working with a student in the field

Less than 72 hours after bidding farewell to the Class of 2019, Marietta College will turn its attention to recognizing employees who have reached a milestone in service, as well as two who are retiring.

President Bill Ruud is pleased to honor each employee who is being recognized for milestone years of service — starting at five years and continuing in five-year increments during the annual Employee Service Award and Retirement Recognition Ceremony at 11:00 a.m., Wednesday, May 8th, in The Gathering Place.

Those being recognized for their service to the College have combined for 630 years. One employee, Roy Johnson (Information Technology) is celebrating 40 years of employment at Marietta, while seven — Sam Crowther (Sports Medicine), Debbie Egolf (Chemistry), Ken Itzkowitz (Philosophy), Grace Johnson (Accounting), David McShaffrey (Biology), Joyce Pennington (Communication) and Xiaoxiong Yi (China Program) are celebrating 30 years.

Also, being honored on May 8th are:

25-year awards: Mary Barnas (Psychology) and Jackie Khorassani (Entrepreneurship).

20-year awards: Gary Bosworth Jr. (College Police), Brian Brewer (Athletics), Angela Burdiss (Library), Richard Danford (Student Life), and Fred Smith (Physical Plant).

15-year awards: Jill Deming (Advancement), Randy Hesson (Physical Plant), Craig Howald (Physics), Holly Menzel (Mathematics), Matt Menzel (Mathematics), Greg Schaad (Physical Plant), Lori Smith (Communication), Merewyn Weinkauf (Music).

10-year awards: Andy Felt (Theatre), Tara Meagle (Advancement), Leanne Price (Modern Languages), Linda Roesch (Academic Affairs), Sara Rosenstock (Graphic Design), Jaclyn Schweiterman (Sports Medicine), Donna Venham (Physician Assistant Program).

5-year awards: Kevin Alten (Physician Assistant Program), Julie Harding (Marketing), Anita McCutcheon (Physical Plant), Bradley Pierce (Physician Assistant Program), Harrison Potter (Mathematics), Theresa Proctor (Physician Assistant Program), Andrea Richardson (Chemistry), and Emily Schuck (Student Financial Services). 

Also, being recognized are two retirees — Peggy Arnold, Associate Director of Student Financial Services, and Marshall Kimball, Professor of Music.