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Students and faculty holding an award

The unique nature of Marietta College’s Fifth Street Consulting caught the eye of the Ohio Communication Association recently as it named the student-run organization one of two Distinguished Student Organizations during its annual conference.

Fifth Street Consulting is a student-led firm that specializes in communication and media consulting. Marietta College students from a variety of disciplines gain real-world experience through semester-long projects that often benefit the community, too.

“Enhancing our Community through Communication” was the theme of this year’s OCA conference held at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio, the weekend of Oct. 4-5.

“During my time with Fifth Street Consulting I served as our team’s internal relations director. So, I was in charge of making sure our team stayed on track and used our meeting times to our full advantage,” said Jaclyn Mulvain ’21 (Warren, Ohio), a Strategic Communication major who worked with Fifth Street last school year. “Not only did I conduct our internal affairs, but I also helped work on our consulting project with the Pioneer Activities Council.”

PAC is another student-run organization that helps to plan and schedule events at Marietta College. She and another student, Cooper Holmes ’21 (St. Marys, West Virginia), worked together to research, investigate and design a social media guide book that was personalized to fit PAC’s needs.

“I have gained so much from being part of Fifth Street Consulting,” Mulvain said. “Being on a successful goal-driven, student-run team like this is extraordinary. I have gained real world experiences such as team work, becoming a leader and time management skills.”

The organization’s recent award was for work done last school year, but it is also a nod to the group’s ongoing work overall. The key to success is showing the ability of the students to produce high-quality work, maintain a healthy organization and continue to attract talented students and clients.

“The organization had to demonstrate a track record of being at the top of their game,” said Dr. Alane Sanders, McCoy Associate Professor of Communication and advisor to Fifth Street Consulting. “The current team is carrying on the legacy of the group that came before.”

One of those current team members is Jordan Hartle ’22 (New Brighton, Pennsylvania). She attended the conference with Sanders to accept the award.

“I was super excited,” she said of Fifth Street receiving the award. “For me to be part of an organization that has that reputation is awesome.”

Currently, Hartle is part of a team working to rebrand the Marietta City and Belpre Health Departments. The two recently merged into one department. It’s another example of the Marietta College organization working to help the local community.

“I am the project development director, and I facilitate communication between the client and the departments within Fifth Street,” she said. “We are helping the health departments with rebranding and building a more cohesive website.”

Hartle is majoring in Management along with minors in Communication and Political Science. She hopes to apply her experience toward a career in human resources, perhaps in health care.

Mulvain also believes her experience with Fifth Street is preparing her for life — and a career — after college.

“My experiences with Fifth Street Consulting have opened my eyes to all the possibilities that are waiting for us just around the corner if we work hard and put our minds to reaching our goals,” she said.