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In addition to having one of the premier undergraduate leadership programs in the nation, Marietta College recently added another signature opportunity for incoming students: the opportunity to be a part of the U.S. Air Force­–Space Force Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (AF/SFROTC) through Ohio University’s Detachment 650.

Incoming freshmen and rising sophomores currently at Marietta can now enroll in OU’s ROTC detachment for fall semester.

“This is the best of both worlds for our students, who will receive a world-class liberal arts education at Marietta and simultaneously develop the skills necessary to become an officer in the Air Force or Space Force through OU’s ROTC program,” said Jason Nulton, who heads the Veterans and ROTC programs at Marietta and is also the Coordinator in McDonough’s Office of Community Engagement.

The partnership boasts OU ROTC’s only standing “crosstown” agreement, and the well-established Bobcat Wing has been on the campus since 1948.

“Both Ohio University and Marietta College have led higher education in this region of the state since the early 1800s, so we are pleased to enter into this crosstown agreement with such a historic institution,” said USAF Lt. Col. Josh Lev, Commander of ROTC Detachment 650, and Ohio University Professor of Aerospace Studies (PAS).

After gaining acceptance to Marietta, students interested in enrolling in AF/SF ROTC will apply directly to OU’s program. Once accepted, applicants are automatically enrolled in the Leadership Studies Minor at Marietta’s McDonough Center for Leadership & Business. Students will take their undergraduate coursework at Marietta and complete ROTC training and military science courses at OU. Following completion of their sophomore year, AF/SF ROTC cadets who are selected to advance as upperclassmen will be commissioned as active-duty second lieutenants in either the Air Force or the newly formed Space Force.

“Marietta College has one of the most well-known undergraduate leadership programs in the country, and our new ROTC partnership with Ohio University is a natural evolution of our growing offerings in leadership,” said Dr. Alexandra Perry, Dean of the McDonough Center for Leadership & Business. “Students who enter ROTC at Marietta College will be McDonough Scholars and will gain leadership and followership skills in both programs. ROTC on our campus will be unique because of the fact that students will earn a leadership minor. We’re so excited to welcome our first Cohort of ROTC students this Fall!”

As an Ohio Collegiate Purple Star Institution, Marietta offers various support for U.S. Veterans and Military-affiliated students, including the Veteran and Military Student Center, an active Student Veterans of America organization, and other academic and career support systems. Nulton has connected with the Washington County Veterans Commission to examine how cadets can be supported further.

“We want to help ensure Marietta College ROTC cadets have access to as much assistance as possible, and our Veterans Commission is ready to assist with the coordination. We are thrilled with Marietta new veterans initiatives,” said Robert Fitzgerald, Executive Director of the Washington County Veterans Services Commission.

Marietta College Police Chief Jim Weaver said ROTC cadets will also have access to special parking privileges to help alleviate some transportation issues.

Nulton said the AF­/SF ROTC is available to all Marietta students (including student-athletes) who meet the Air Force’s established physical fitness and academic standards.

“We are working to streamline the amount of time cadets will need to travel to OU’s campus,” Nulton said, adding that the College is excited for students to have access to this new partnership. “We will continue to work with OU to help our cadets be successful.”

Students interested in the AF/SFROTC can email or

Learn more about the Marietta College­–Ohio University crosstown AF/SFROTC agreement at