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PioBiz presenter

Mid-Ohio Valley community members are invited to Round 1 of the PioBiz Competition from 4:00-6:00 p.m., Thursday, November 30. The competition will be in poster format in The Gathering Place on Marietta College’s campus.
Round 1 involves identifying a problem worth solving and proposing a new product or service that provides a solution. Proposals should demonstrate potential for establishing a for-profit or non-profit organization. 

Posters should include:

  • A clear description of the problem.
  • Defining target customers experiencing this problem.
  • Explain why the problem is worth solving.
  • Outlining existing alternative solutions.
  • Detailing the proposed product/service and how it solves the problem.
  • Highlighting the unique value proposition over other options.

Fifteen business ideas are expected to be presented at this competition.

Winners will be determined by scores from four judges (0-100 points) and “PioBiz dollars” invested by community members in their favorite projects. The top-scoring projects overall will win.